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June 15, 2011


Autumn Clark

Hey Christy, I'm a stalker of your blog. You are such an inspiration!!! Thanks so much for all the work you put into each post. Love your videos and anxiously await each next one. My vote on your table is to leave it natural and oil it or seal it with matte poly. I love the idea of adding colorful baskets and even a red pegboard above it. I went all out for red in my studio about 10 years ago and got very tired of it. You can change your wall colors fairly easily, but can never get that natural wood back. Your piece looks so Restoration Hardware. People would die for this look! Just adore the lockers, if you ever tire of them give me a call!!! Such a good purchase, even for the hefty price. Can't wait to see your finished product.
Autumn Clark

Jen Clark

What an awesome table!!! I just ADORE old barn wood!!! I cannot WAIT to see what you end up deciding to do with it, and what your finished space looks like!! I actually had my dad help build me an art table last year when he was here for his winter visit and I've been really happy with it. It's not nearly as cool as yours...but it's HUGE, with TONS of storage underneath, and very functional. The only thing I didn't think of is having a space for someone else to sit across from me...that would have been smart, since my best friend likes to come over every few weeks and make art together. I mean, there's ROOM, just no LEG room. The tabletop is 8 feet by 4 feet and made from wall paneling! :) The shelves/legs are made from kitchen carts from Ikea. You can see it on my blog if you want in this post - - but just FYI, it does NOT look like that, EVER. Right now, you can't see a single bare spot on my entire desktop, or on the back desk , or on the kids' desk...and there are stacks piled on the floor all over the place (because I just don't have enough storage space anymore). I love your art carts...if I had somewhere to PUT them, I think they could work well for some of the stuff I need places for...I think I'm going to have to take all the stuff down off the back wall (where the cute IKEA rails are hanging) and put in shelving/cabinets all the way to the ceiling. It's hard b/c this is the room that is SUPPOSED to be our formal dining room, and it only has one actual dedicated wall; the rest of the room is the stairs, the family room and the walk-through from the front door to the kitchen. Anyway...probably more than you ever wanted to know about MY art space! LOL!

Marianne VanWingerden

Go for the RED! :)


Thanks for the table inspiration! I am thinking out my new studiocorner and this looks sooooo usefull!

collette schildkraut

I love the table. your husband is so talented. And what luck that he can build you exactly what you want. It's funny that you never thought to ask him to build before.... Watch out The garage will become your favourite place, and your kids too.


I am seriously in love with your table! And those lockers! Girl, I cannot wait to see your room and all the wonderful things you've been collecting for it! I've been collecting for years now too, but my room (when it's finally finished...4 years and counting...) is a tiny little thing! I'm going to have to be very creative, lol! Hope today is a better day for you!


Awesome table. And lovely Girl:)

Erin Ummel

LOVE the table, you lucky girl! My husband is so NOT handy like that! :)

Diane Marra

thanks for sharing your journey! I love the table. I am in the middle of making upgrades to my studio too. I decided to keep my wood mount stamps out so that they would inspire me and am building small shelves that will line the hallway (wasted space!). It is so much fun to create exactly what you want. Can't wait to see the finished project! I love your classes, can't wait to do another one.LOVE to you and blessings


Christy, aren't you just the luckiest girl! That table is just the coolest thing I've seen for a very long while... it looks like it costs thousands of bucks!! Oh I want one like that - can't you send your hubby to my little Greek island for a week? :-) I can understand your predicament about whether to paint it or not - red would be fabulous but the raw wood is pretty amazing too. I look forward to seeing what will happen to it. Not the least bit sweetly jealous :-)


Lucky you! I have a handy husband that would rather build me something then buy it new. It always more special when made by our man.


Christy, that canvas is adorable, love the colour and everything about it.

Wow, you have an awesome hubby, your new table is fab, wish I had a Ben :) Can't get mine to even put 4 shelves into my cupboard. Have had 2 carpenters round to give me quotes and neither of them want the job as they say it would cost way more than the cupboard! Ben could start another business - 'Custom Craft Furniture', seriously he would have orders galore with that quality of work. Those blue lockers, love them!!!!! Enjoy your new space, can't wait to see how it all turns out, please keep us posted. Hugs, Chantille.


Oh for the love!! That table!! *SWOON*

Barb in CA

Oh my - what can I say? Your enthusiasm, the photos of the table and lockers (I've been wanting lockers "forever"), and your ideas are great. Your art studio is gonna be a super OOAK . . . just like you!


Amazing table! It's great you have a handy husband! Your new she art girl is great! I love all the colors!


I love your newest girl~she's a super-cutie!
Thanks for sharing!

Carol Miller

Love Love your table and the lockers. I so agree you don't have to spend a lot of money to get great stuff that's functional. I love my handy husband, their Great. Love your Girl. Hope your feeling better. Glad You have room for your kids to work too. That's so awesome and important. God Bless

sherry french

Love the table...I am too in the process of redoing my one car garage into my art studio..I would love that table..can't wait to see all the progress..


love it love it love it! yay also I would really love to know what is the name of the large dots wood mounted stamp that you use please thank you


Props to your hubby for an amazing job on your table!! Can't wait to see all the fun new thing you will create on it!! :)

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