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June 27, 2011



Christy, I am so glad I discovered your blog in December last year! I'm not sure I'll be able to read all your posts but I'm thankful that God directed me to this one.

Finding you and all your creative friends, and links to even more amazingly creative people, is like stumbling upon an oasis after being dragged across a desert for years.... behind a camel that I had completely embellished and had run out of space. Seriously.

I love being creative and I know that God made me creative for his purposes and delight. But it's still hard when others don't "get me." You wrote "To stretch your wings.. to take that leap and share yourself with us. Your TRUE self. And remember that being authentic means NOT having to be perfect and not having to live up to others expectations.. but just BEING WHO YOU ARE and being okay with that. YOU are enough."

I really needed to hear that. Thank you for being yourself. Your honesty and optimism are a blessing to me. Thank you!

Lannette Ring

Wow, Christy! I'm just reading this post, not sure how I missed it, but I'm pretty sure it's because God wanted me to read it now and not a moment sooner. Thank you for writing this, I really needed it at this moment in my life. I won't go in to details in this comment, but I just had to say thank you. :) I don't know you personally (hopefully someday I will), but just following your blog, facebook and taking your classes, I know you are truly authentic in every way. Keep up all of your amazingness! :)

Jen Clark

Christy, I cannot even put into words how much I wish I knew you in real life. Because you are amazing. You have such a beautiful heart and soul. I know that sometimes it's easy to read someone's blog and get a glamourized view of their life. But between your blog and your you-tube videos and your is just SO easy to see into your heart. You ARE being authentic - don't ever be afraid to be exactly who you are - because who you are is absolutely wonderful...flaws and all. Thank you for sharing your whole, authentic self with us!! xo


you have the most amazing posts!!


I love what I "get" with you Christy. I ususally skim-read your posts but today, during school hols, I decided to put the boys in their rooms and READ...actually "read"...of it, between the lines, around it, behind it and all that is in front of you.
I feel blessed to have done both your workshops now and although I haven't had a mind-blowing change LOL, I think I have grown a little. People want what I do and that's thanks to YOU!
Looking forward to your new workshops. xx

Carol Miller

Just one thing to say Christy..Awesome post.
Thanks for being you. I have found it is much easier being me...those who love me get it..and those who don't..oh well we weren't kindred spirts.


You are off camping right now probably having a blast. I just have to say you are a pretty darn awesome lady. Thank you for putting yourself out there for us to see that we are not alone.

Be safe and happy summer fun!

Dottee O.

Here's a question....Do you type as fast as you think? LOL...Honestly, I LOVE reading your posts because it's like being right there in the room with you having a heart-to-heart conversation!
I'm gonna read the book because I get too worried about what people will think of me if I open up and be my authentic self. I have a lot of challenges in my life and I'd rather hide than open up and share my burdens. Instead, I just let people see the happier, funnier, and creative side of my persona.
Thanks for the boost!

deb christensen

you are so inspiring, i love visiting your spot!

Barb R.

Christy, you always give so much of yourself, it is more than enough.

laura huffman

it is what it is. give what you can and be happy with that. enjoy your trip. thanks for being who you are. it is so much more than enough.


Christy, I LOVE this post! I usually go to the Gilded Life Events but, couldn't go to the last one but, met you there through the other girls! My friend Jackie did a post about the journal class she had been doing with you. I have NEVER done a journal but, have been thinking about it. After seeing Jackie's & Alisa's... I'm ready to take the leap & will be signing up for your class (as soon as I get my computer fixed tomorrow... the speakers went out & I can't take a class without hearing you!!!!).

In this post I loved the part where you said that if people judge you or critize you move on... I have a sweet friend that get's taken advantage of sooooooooo often & she & I have been talking about moving away from people who you don't relate/feel appreciated to. WHY are we sooooooooo hard on ourselves? I'm gonna check out the book. And thanks for the post, the classes & I hope a new friendship.

Donna Lange

Thanks for the encouragement, I am just discovering the same thing - that it's ok to be just me. And even though I'm anxious to see what classes you will have this summer I'm ok that it's next week, the timing will be perfect no matter what.

Enjoy your week with the girls!


Thanks for the reminder. I have had a crap several weeks with F.M. my mother in law passing and having to put down my beloved dog. You are an inspiration, there is a saying I often use (forgotten the author), You are loved beyound measure and a cherished blessing to me.
Have a great week.
ps Things are not all doom and gloom as I am getting married on Sunday.

lori jolley

Christy ---- you're awesome!

misty thurman

Getting the book. Love your words of wisdom! Happy summer to you!!!

Annette Tyrrell

Thanks Christy- Wonderful Words to hold onto...
Have a great week.
Annette T.


Thank you for sharing Christy... One of my favourite sayings is: BE WHO YOU ARE AND SAY WHAT YOU FEEL, BECAUSE THOSE WHO MIND DON'T MATTER, AND THOSE THAT MATTER, DON'T MIND.... indeed sometimes it's hard to be 'open'... the fear of being ridiculed, or hurt, or rejected etc....
Have the BEST TIME girls... jealous much!!!
Love you


I went thru a life changing experience at a retreat last week with Liz Lamorauex and the one thing I came away with is exactly what you wrote in this post...I needed to be my authentic self ALL THE TIME with everyone...not pick and choose who I shine my light on because they make me feel safe being me. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

Stephanie Huntsman

You need a big sign like the one I hung in Kayleigh's room that said NURTURE YOUR AUTHENTIC FLAIR! She was about 15 at the time and she said, "Mom, I don't even know what that means!" I explained that she was unique and that she needed to accept and celebrate and nurture her uniqueness. Now she knows and now she does!! (((HUGS)))

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