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June 22, 2011


Batz Loera

This is absolutely good for summer. The video is very clear. I can follow the steps easily. I'll share it to my friends.

Bearce Lindstrom

Agree with you. Junelle really displays ingenuity for arts. I am happy that you found Junelle's work. It surely inspires the many.


you art is beautifull!!!!! simply,lovely and easy...Thanks for your tutorials. Liliana

Logo Design

I think that's a wonderful idea. I've done training in the child welfare world for years and have often benchmarked outside my own field to find training and development ideas.


I love love love that! Thanks so much for sharing, truly inspiring. :)


I just finished watching this video and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! this is so different and just cool!

Tina Walker

Christy: I loved this creative challenge...I finally got around to creating something....I wanted to share my creation...thank you for the inspiration and great ideas!

Christy T

Super fun! Thanks for the video. I really enjoyed it. I feel inspired.


Hi Christy! I am checking to see if your videos have changed any since your last workshops? I tried the she-art one and couldn't get the videos to play (remember)? We have moved and I am now on a faster high speed internet connection, do you think that would help? I would still LOVE to do a workshop! I thought I might try the new one,but thought I would ask what you think?
Thanks for all your help! Tina

Ana caldatto

uauu maravilhosa dica!


christy...this is so much fun! can't wait to see what else inspires you this summer! I just signed up for your mini inspire ME!

Kendall B

Beautiful work! Wanted to subscribe by email. There seems to be a problem with the subscribe click.


Thank you for this great tutorial, I used it in my sample for TOFF#1 Alice in Wonderland...


I made a Christmas decoration doing exactly this and entered it into our local scrapbook stores contest and won!!! it was a tree and I glimmer misted it green and embelished it as ornaments it was really cute...

Karen Dodson

Somebody may have already said this, but I wonder how this technique would do using newspaper. Wouldn't that be SO cool!!

Elaine Howell

Christy..this was an amazing video. I have never done a free art canvas in all my days of crafting. I saw this and thought..I have to try...I made a similar canvas as a birthday gift for my best friend and I loved every minute of the creating...thanks


Thanks for sharing tutorials with us Christy. I learn so much, and love your messy little fingers...

Jen Clark

This is INCREDIBLE! I agree - Junelle is AWESOME - but so are you! LOL And seriously? Who WOULDN'T want to be your friend?! I would be pleased as punch if you hunted me down and wanted to be my friend! You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for the video...totally going to try this!


Okay...dumb question. How do you do something like that in an art journal and maintain the integrity of the piece when you close the journal?? :)


P.S. The piece is GORGEOUS!!!!

lori jolley

Wow! WOW! Junelle's piece is amazing! Love them both!

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