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June 22, 2011


Lori Souter

Christy.....thank you for sharing this...How fun is this going to be!


Larissa Heskett

I LOVE YOU and YOUR VIDEOS!! I can't wait for the next one and to see your new releases!! I sure hope you'll be sharing them on your blog with us!!?? Also, I AM SO EXCITED!! I am coming to SPARK!! =) I found out who was all going to be there and well, WHO COULD MISS IT!! =) I am so GIDDEE, I just can't hardley wait to play and create and meet all of you FABULOUS WOMAN in person!! HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

Marilyn Nimmo

What a wonderful idea - love your creative inspiration challenge. This is such a fabulous technique. Thanks for sharing.


You always make my day when I watch those videos! Thanks for sharing Christy!


love love love
so many ideas puking on my notebook
thanks for sharing Christy and


wow! this project lit a fire for me too. it has great appeal for so many reasons. this video is great and thanks for sharing your inspiration


How fun! I want to try this! Thanks for the video!

Pam Staley

I agree with Michelle - I am totally addicted to watching your videos each day! I noticed Junelle's creations on Flickr also because they are so unique. The girls at camp will have a blast! Does your sweet daughter get to go with you? What fun!


Christy, I'm so thrilled you're featuring Junelle - she is AWESOME (just gave her a blog award a few weeks back, she truly rock my world!). This technique with the paper rolls is such creative fun and I love your result too using this inspired technique. Ooh, and now I must go watch that video - thanks SO much!


I also want to try.
Thank so much for inspiration

Carmen Crosseti Henriquez

Love it! Can´t wait to try it on a layout!! Thanks for share!


Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. I just loved to see the picture and the film!
Also the work of Junelle is just great to look at!
I got a question: I fell in love with the butterfly stamp in the film. Can I find this in your shop?


~♥ this! whadda great idea & love. the fabric idea way, too...
like you said too frickin' cool! {say that alot, meself!} =) thank*U for sharing & caring to pass this on to us! will enjoy trying this! hugs & blessings, vikki♥~

Cheryl Waters - Fiskateer #002

Loved! Hoping this summer we can take a creative adventure together! Summer time, summer time! Love ya!


I just finished a "Girl" this morning and I was hoping for an inspirational Post from you to keep me moving creatively. As usual, you didn't disappoint!
Thank you for turning my "craft room" into an inspired "Art Studio".


Loved your piece~ the colors are truly delicious. Yum.

Thank you Christy ~ I am so thankful for the love and encouragement, it goes a long way in an artist's heart!

This series will be a great creative way to see & learn so many techniques and share new artists with us all! So cool~

I always adore the videos too. I am so glad you provide the messy fingers show and tell!!!


SO cute! Thanks for sharing~I can't wait to try it too! :)


Wow, both of these creations are amazing! I have so many ideas inspiring me and so little time! LOL! These are just gorgeous...will be checking out the video next!


i love these! thank you for sharing... fun!

Carol Miller

Great Video Christy. I've missed your voice. Enjoy your summer.

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