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June 14, 2011


Jen Clark

Wow, Christy - I am in AWE. I have been living in constant, severe, chronic pain for about a year now due to combination of a neuromuscular disease AND (more recently diagnosed) rheumatoid arthritis. I can SO TOTALLY relate to SO MUCH of what you wrote about here (and write about often). YES, those's SO HARD to keep perspective! I know I made a comment to my mom recently during one of those days about not knowing if living like this was a life worth living...and it totally freaked her out. She didn't understand that I'm totally NOT's just that I simply CANNOT fathom living in this kind of pain - that kind of pain that I was having that particular day - forever. For the rest of my life. That makes you crazy makes you not able to focus on anything but the pain. It blurs everything else so that everything is out of focus and your perspective is so off. I WANT WANT WANT so badly to know *exactly* what this eating plan is that you are following. Is it something formal, something written down somewhere? A book? An email you can send me? I am on SO MUCH pain medicine...sometimes the pain medicine is almost just as bad as the pain in terms of focus b/c then I'm just sleepy and can hardly function. I am DESPERATE to try something new, to get my life back, to be a better mom and wife, to be a better ME. I know I will always have to wear my new leg braces, and I know my weakness will continue to get worse...but maybe something can help the pain! We don't have a juicer, but if I can convince my husband that I'm serious about trying this, maybe just maybe I can plead with him to buy me one. Thanks for any info you can share, Christy!! <3

Marianne VanWingerden

Thanks and yes we are CURIOUS! What is this program called and where are you getting your info?

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well done !Thanks for sharing.It's very helpful.


Christy, Is there a book that you are following? Where are the diet ideas coming from? I would love to give it a try. I have done just about all I know how to do to deal with the barometer boggie and I do walk every day at least one mile and most days more. The weather this week has me doubled over with pain and I would love to try to eat better also. We are vegitarian and buy only organic foods and so it shouldn't be too dificult to give it a try. Please let me know where you found out about this. Thanks, Ami

Lynda B

Sweets, remember there is always a rainbow after the rain, it's Gods promise to us, I know its not easy when those storm clouds are right over your head, but it does always get better.
The healthy eating is a good thing, stick with it, even if all it does is make those flu days further apart, it will be worth it.
Hon, remember there are lots of people who love you and are there to support and help you through, you can whinge to us as much as you want!


i love that you are sharing this with us! i am going to start something similar the first of july so i need all the tips i can get! i don't have mom does...but i ache a lot and just feel crappy so i saw you doing this and thought i'd give it a try. keep sharing and i would love those recipes!


Christy, I can attest from experience that you are on the right track. These bad days are days of healing crisis. They happen when the body detoxes and the bad stuff dies off. You feel bad because the die-off is also toxic. Healing is slow but each time you go through a healing crisis, you come out stronger in the end. Keep with it because it is so.o.o worth it!! P.S. Renee is right, Vitamix machine is best because it emulsifies everything and keeps the fiber.


Christy, please please please stick with it. You will feel better in the long run (I'm also a fibromyalgia sufferer who eats like this, 5 small meals a day, lots of water, protein in every meal) and it's the only thing that makes the pain more bearable. I eat anything that doesn't agree with me (wheat, too much milk, sweet things) and I start aching all over again. Please just stick with it and I'm sure you'll see the benefits in the long run.

laura huffman

so glad things are looking up. you're feeling better, eating well, losing weight (bonus), would love that one myself. but have to make changes in order to get the benefits. hope, faith, and love. think you're surrounded. all the best sweets. can't wait to see what art you have to share.


Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. I just bought a bike to get myself outside and exercise. I'm going to be 60 this year, its never to late!
Your classes and videos have really helped me get back into doing art. Thank you.

Dottee O.

I sure know what you mean about those "begusting" flu days! I'm curious to know what brand of juicer you are must be quite powerful to break down all those awesome greens. Would you mind letting us know?


Keep up the good progress .. I am so happy it is all coming together! I am sure it just takes time to heal the areas of your body .. Baby steps! Have another great week! Hoping you don't have any "flu" days!

Lisa Ciaravino

Christy, Rome wasn't built in a day so you have to give the new eating style sometime to really kick in. I too can tell when we are going to have rain. My lovely "bunions" will KILL me when we are going to get rain. I've had 3 foot surgeries and still hope someday I can get plastic surgery on my feet rather than anywhere else!!! Hang in there, it's ok to have a "flu" day, you will get thru it. When are you going to share your trip to Texas ??? or did I miss it?

Shelley @ Single Stone Studios


Forgetting to

I think that is a great reminder for all of us! And it really will be ok! :)


i have been on a gluten free diet for 6 years now and for the most part dairy free. i have given up sugar and replaced it with stevia.
good for you... it isn't easy but like you said it isn't hard really either!! kudo's to you!

Renee Sendelbach

I am not sure if you are using a juicer or not but I switched to a vitamix from a juicer to keep the all the fiber from the skin and such - has changed my life. Also, this one is a BUMMER - our bodies break down agava nectro the same way they break down high fruc corn syrup - so it really isn't that good for you - bummer I know. I went sugar free when I was diagnosed with breast cancer - for the second time in 2 years. There is a video on youtube called Sugar the bitter truth - it is long but you don't have to sit and watch, you can listen - after listening to this, it made giving up sugar super easy for me. I know the changes you are making are hard but they are so worth it - for your health, for yourself, for your family. Take care of yourself.


Good news on your progress for a healthier lifestyle, Christy. Never give up... as you know, there's always a force lurking around the corner trying to distract you and take your eyes off the goal. Big hugs!

Kim Boken

I am glad your feeling better! I am sensitive to the baraometer as well..I hate summer for that reason.
Can't wait for the recipes! I am seriously considering going gluten free and sugar free! I did a low carb diet years ago after my first DD was born..It surely does make a difference!

Sarah Lejeune

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming!! I hope your week is great!


I am so glad you feel better today! I've been in the funk too but not due to fibro, it's just a bit unsettling in my day job. Don't know how much longer it's going to hold out. Anyway, waiting for the art! I started a canvas last night with pan pastels. They didn't work like I wanted and I cant' figure out why. But I made the whole think work, so far.!

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