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June 10, 2011



Amazing post I like it. It's look like palace. I like studying your posts. Stay up the good work! This blog is great for anyone who wants to understand this subject more. This is great stuff.


Oh my goodness~! Someone just sent me a DM from Twitter with this link because my blog theme is Medieval! That is just amazing!

Thank you for posting this!

Mel @ Trailing After God

Gorgeous! Absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God


Oh, Christy, that church is gorgeous. Gotta run...i am signing up for Italian lessons! Ciao!

Carmen Gibson

Holy smokes! Sign me up for Italy! Seriously!!! I'm in!!!!


This is amazing - beautiful!


WOW! Absolutely beautiful!

Lisa Ciaravino

My family did a trip to Italy almost 10 years ago for my birthday, going back to our family roots. We started talking about going back and doing cooking classes but this sounds fantastic !!!!!! Count me in. The church is beautiful and hope fully someone will take over and keep it going.

Christa Thomas

Wow, Italy? Be still, my heart! I don't know how I could swing it, but it sounds like it would be the trip of a lifetime. Do keep us posted! Oh it is so sad that Debbie and Shea are leaving their beautiful church/home. I loved it in Where Women Create,and have been anxiously waiting to hear about your visit. Do you know where in Calif they are going to relocate? I live in the San Francisco area and would love to see what new Gilded Life they create in the Golden State!

Linda Polaretzki

OMG - how beautiful!!! I would love to see it in person. They did a wonderful job - it should be in a magazine spread!!! Love it!


Wow!! I live 2 hours from there and never knew about it! That had to be amazing!!
I only wish and dream of the trip to Italy,I know it would be awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience!!!!

Kim Boken

Absolutely Stunning!! And Italy?? That would be Awesome!

Dottee O.



WOW!! So cool!! Maybe they'll find a better and bigger church in CA!


Goodness... you make me smile! Love reading about your experience at Shea's. I adore being there! Today was SO sad... boxes everywhere and not a bit of gild to be found!!

Ramee from Rae-Berry Beads and More

Oh if only I had a few million dollars... It would be mine!!!


all i can say is OMG!!!!!

lisa keys

Just beautiful...I wish I had known about when I live in Houston :)

Martha Richardson

OH what a wonderful trip me up, immediately, for the trip to Italy...that will be my retirement present, from me to me {seriously I need to start saving my $$$ so as soon as you decide let me know}! I'm a member of the Silver Stash Society and you should see the monthly kits...yummy!

Kimberly Roberts

What an awesome place!! such a shame they have to sell!! why dont you come to Abaco Bahamas and do a retreat? my friend has a bed and breakfast that would be perfect!
she and I are going to be taking SOul Restoration in teh fall!

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