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June 20, 2011



Wow. Very cool! How I'd love to spend a whole day in that environment! How wonderful for you and all who attended! Love your creations!

Dawn B

Great post. Sounds like it was a fabulous time.
I want to sign up for Italy!!! When will there be more info out? (like cost for instance)
Thank you for sharing.


Christy, has anyone told you that you ROCK!


I just read that post once, twice, three times! I feel energiged to go make pretty things, paint my house AND go to estate sales! Yummmyyyy....


Thank you for sharing your fabulous weekend in Texas with us. Looks like a great time was had by everyone. I can not wait to see your Canton,TX treasures! I love going there and my husband usually reminds me that we bring only one truck! Rome would be a dream come true.

Donna Lange

Looks like a lot of fun and creativity. I could only dream of going to Italy for a week and doing art, shopping and being around great company! Looking forward to you summer art series and any on-line classes!


OMG...a week long retreat in Rome is my idea of heaven...and since I am in Scotland not that far.. Your creations are amazing!!
Take care
Kirsti x x

carrie clayden

I love Rome, I love art and I think it could be an amazing splurge...please let me know details as they become available. I am so excited to go to my FIRST art workshop at Spark and meet you fabulous ladies..this is just the beginning....

Courtney Walsh

the jewelry is my favorite. I don't know if I could pull that off (I'm not even remotely gilded!!) but I LOVE love LOVE it!

And seriously? Rome?

Lisa Ciaravino

Rome? I'm in, I'll just have to sell a few more houses!!!


I am like you with the craft room, but I have loved my glitter! Not so much recently but enough to drool over everything. Told my dear husband about next July. We go to Hilton Head Island, SC every year for family reunion. He said, "Rome, Georgia?". My reply was "not hardly!". He rolled his eyes and sighed. I am on unemployment, but count me in!


WOW! I would LOVE to go to Rome for that. Can't imagine what it will cost though....


its looks so perfect, everything all the packages the setting, I be afraid I would get the tablecloth dirty


Oh my goodness! I am so amazed by all the glitter~ blinded by it!

I love much great creative energy and so many wonderful things to fill up that inspirational well. I am on overload just looking at the pics~ Thanks for sharing.


your projects are beautiful!!


Thanks sooo much for sharing - I needed this today. I feel like I am right there and everything is soo beautiful! You are all so talented and generous for sharing pictures with us.Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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