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June 01, 2011


Donna Burrows

Such a wonderful, deserved extra special
treat for you to be on the receiving end...
enjoy the freedom.Love the Total cuteness of your canvas girl. xx


OMG! you are one lucky girl... enjoy. Love there stuff and we are so lucky to have the opportunity to win one since these kits are hard to come by. Love the canvas!


Oh my goodness! What a kit!
Have a wonderful trip.


Have a wonderful, inspiring, relaxing time just basking in the goodness! You give so much of yourself--now it's time to receive.

Gina Lideros

what a wonderful retreat and beautiful restored church. I am so jealous right now. :). I hope you are having a great time. Thank you for the chance to win.

Maggie Johnson

I saw pics of this getaway on Suze Weinberg's blog. Sooooooooo awesome! You lucky thang!!!


What a beautiful and amazing gift to be given. Enjoy every moment of it. There are some gorgeous souls in this world.


Have a fun time on your trip. Thanks for the opportunity to win this kit. I absolutely love your new girl canvas. Great job!

laura huffman

oh love those girls. love their kits. have an amazing time. enjoy being pampered. your canvas is gorgeous.


Beautiful canvas Christie! Hope you have a wonderful trip can't wait to read what you did!


I hope you have a wonderful time you lucky girl! xoxo


This is so beautiful! Have fun this weekend.


oh my gosh! I've never seen their stuff before and I seriously am in LUST! I went and looked at last month and my head was spinning and my heart was pounding! I read that they had 3 spots last month for a 3 month commitment and holy boy, I prolly would have jumped had I seen that then! So gorgeous! I'd love a little bit o' that! And how FUN for you! I hope you enjoy yourself and FORGET THE DISHES! Just let yourself be loved. Your soul needs (and deserves!) that!

Emily Hammann

Lucky you to get to go!! Have fun!! And those kits are sooooooooooo gorgeous!!!


This would be so perfect. June 1st is my birthday. I am having such a great time. My DH took the whole week off to celebrate with me. I am trying to keep up with my 3 hearts but may have to be a bit behind. What a great life.

Nancy K

Hope you had a relaxing and creative weekend. Looking forward to seeing your creations.


Have an amazing inspirational trip! I can tell you are a girl who really deserves to be spoiled!


Have a grat time!! The kit looks like so much fun!


Have a great time, I am sure you will enjoy yourself. Look forward to the on the road updates.


Goodness ... you're in my town. Wish I was invited, too! Have a blast!

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