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June 08, 2011


Frank Zweegers

Interesting read, Christy.

Gretchen Knutson

Hi Christy:)
I just found your blog again! My computer crashed and I lost all my shortcuts lol!
I was diagnosed with fibro in 2002 after a year of basically feeling like I was dying. You really can't describe fibro pain to someone who has not experienced it, can you? Especially since you look fine-I always wished it would show somewhere-I always felt like I was trying to convince everyone around me I was sick! it still amazes me that there are commercials for fibro drugs lol! Iv'e had two kids since I was diagnosed, and after this last one it came back full force. You can put it in to a"remission" of sorts. I started taking low doses of an antidepressant and within three days I was pain free after my initial diagnosis. I went off of them when I was pregnant with my son, and after his birth I stayed pain free, but after the birth of my 6th and last child, it came back with a vengance. I found my self drinking a couple of glasses of wine or other alcoholic beverages EVERY NIGHT just so I could get to sleep without my knees, ankles, hands etc. keeping me awake. I got sick of that so I quit two weeks ago-(a terrible habit!)I can tell you a VERY hot bath helps and I am taking the low dose antidepressent does help. I can't wait to hear if your diet will help you. I bet it will help with the fibro fog in your brain! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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Thank you for your share,I've learned many from you.

Lisa Pate

I know only too well the hard road a chronic pain disease is, I'm an RA patient for 8 years now. Especially hard when you have children, family, work, friends ect.... But I also know that life can be sweet, and joyful and amazing, sometimes i actually think its a little sweeter, because I grab every good day and make the most of it. Hug a little harder, enjoy the sunshine a little more and squeeze every morsel of goodness I can.

Prayers and hugs to you on this journey, I will look forward to your updates.

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It's useful for us.I hope you can keep sharing such instresting things to us.


A couple other things to look 3 supplements, also coconut oil. Both help with a wide range of health issues. Good luck to you!

carol m

Good for you! I started reading your blog for the mixed media ideas and learned you have fibro, I do too. I am so excited that you are going to update this journey weekly. My dr. told me about ginger and I just haven't tried it, so maybe this will inspire me to try it too. Exercise has really helped me and the reduction of carbs/sugars.

Larissa Heskett

Good luck to you Christy!! =)
I have Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease. I was diagnoised at age 10. Spent 3 years in Children's Hospital and then had a MAJOR surgery at age 13 to save my life. I was told I would never be able to do NORMAL things other kids can do and was so SAD!! But they were WRONG!! I ate right and took care of my self and I did EVERYTHING they told me I would never do including becoming a MOM!! So my MESSAGE HERE: is to stick with it only you know what your body needs and how you are feeling and if you think you can do something do it!! If not then don't!! We are all DIFFERENT in our own ways that god created us and deep down we have the strength to find what works for us!! I can't wait for your summer posts!! HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)


Oh, I am so glad I am not alone. I get so tired of hurting and not feeling well. Thanks for sharing.

Valerie L Johnson

Hi Christy,

I wanted to share with you some of my work and what this class has mean't to can view the post on my blog.....

Thank you for everything...


Good for you! You have a great attitude about it Christy and we are lucky to have you be so open and sharing your journey with us. I'm rooting for you!!


Wow Christy! I wish you so much luck with your new eating plan. I am really looking forward to hearing about it on Mondays. I have wanted to eat healthier too - to improve health as thank you, thank you for the inspiration. Also looking forward to your ideas for summer!! Good luck!!


Whoo-Hoo for you! I'll add you to my prayers each day. Pain Free is the goal!
Good luck!

Jaclyn Krueger

Good for you Christi! You are definitely on the right track; just stick with it. Find yourself a really good, reputable Naturopath too; they can be so very helpful. I do food combining; what it basically addresses is that our bodies need to have a pH balance and most of us have way too much acid vs. alkaline so that is what getting lots of veggies, fruit, unprocesses foods, little if no sugar etc does. Alot of our health issues begin in our gut and that is where the pH issues become so critical. GreatTasteNoPain is an excellent web site for this info although it sounds like you've gotten some good advice. However, it never hurts to learn more and her program has a good cookbook too. I'm always researching and learning on this subject; believe me, you will feel better. Here's a detox drink for mornings: 1 head romaine, some spinach,cilantro, parsley, blend; add 1 banana, 1 apple (cored), 1 pear (cored), half juice of lemon. Makes 2 drinks; can keep one in frig for next day. I drink these at least 3x a week. Also, fruit should only be eating in the morniing on an empty stomach...why? research this and you'll discover why. So much to learn but I applaud your decision; go forth and be HEALTHY!

lisa keys

Hi Christy I feel for you. I have fibro and know how the pain can control your life and your family's. You can get better:)I never talk about my fibro in public but I want you to have hope that things will get better.I had fibro real bad for 2yrs,to take a shower was a huge struggle and forget about painting.
I have been well for 5yrs now. I tried everything.Diet, exercise,meds and counseling helped me. you will find the right combo for you. I'm happy and enjoying life again! I have my ups and downs and aches and pains but nothing I can't handle. Life is good and it will happen for you too.If i can help you in any way please feel free to ask I have been there.take care :)

Pat Healey

Good Luck with your plan; it sounds like you are mentally into it, which is half the battle. We'll keep you in our prayers and hope you'll soon be feeling better. The stress alone you've been through is enough to make anyone suffer. You will get better :-)

Lisa Ciaravino

Christy, I have heard so much positive about the gluetin free diet. When you start reading about what is being put in our food now a days it's starts to make sense. I just had my gallbladder taken out and I think I'll have to change the way I eat as well, low fat, and I do like to splurge once in awhile with ooie gooie chocalate cake, ice cream with fudge sauce ! Happy to hear you had a great time in texas and ready to enjoy some fun this summer.

Donna Lange

Good to read your blog today and hope and pray that the changes you are making improve your health and well being! I just finished the 3 Hearts class and now I'm going back and reviewing some of the videos. Last night I actually created a page without even thinking about, I was so excited to see it come together. THANK YOU for letting me find the creative spark I didn't know I had for "art".

Keep on keeping on girlfriend!


Christy, I live with fibromyalgia, have been for eight years or so. You'll find the sugar and dairy free diet will work for you. Every time I let those things pass my mouth I regret it as the next day, I'm in pain again. That dull awful 'yuck' pain that just slows you down. Also try eating five times a day, at 8, 11, 1, 4 and 6, smaller meals - I don't know how it works but it reduces my pain no end and I always find myself with more energy then. Re: drinking water - I keep a jug by my desk or wherever I am in the mornings. I just pace myself through the morning to drink that amount of liquid. If I'm out and about, I take a bottle and, again, just pace myself to drink that amount of water. The first few days, yes, you'll probably go to the toilet a lot whilst your body is regulating itself but after that you'll find your body needs that water and you won't need the toilet. You'll feel so much better after just a few days of doing all this, believe me! Here's wishing you well - I know from experience that anything that makes me feel even slightly better is worth sticking with in the long run! Best wishes......

Sarah Lejeune

you have given me a gift to myself. I look forward to learning about all forms of art. Your workshop videos are wonderful! Thank you and I look forward to sept. and the next workshop!!!

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