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June 19, 2011



Thanks for sharing this with us. It bought tears to my eyes. You are blessed to be able to share such tenderness with people. You too are like your dad, in the way that you share your talent very generously.
I stumbled upon your blog today, and know that I will be back.

Jen Clark

Love this post, Christy. You are so right on, and I wish other women "got it" the way you so obviously do. Thanks so much for sharing about your dad, and many (((Hugs))) for this being the first Father's Day you spent without him here on earth. But I am so glad you know Christ and have the joy of knowing you will spend eternity with him. And what a true pleasure it is seeing you share openly and honestly about your faith on your blog. SOOO many women don't...I have to admit that even I have, over the last year or so, somewhat separated out my faith and family stuff from my artsy stuff on my blog...and it just doesn't feel right. It's not "me," or not all of me, at any rate. I love that you share all of yourself, including your strong faith, especially in this world where it seems that it is increasingly politically incorrect to speak the name of Jesus Christ! God bless you, Christy!!

Carol Miller

Christy you hit the nail on the head. Nothing else needs to be said. Wonderful post.

Eunice Boger

Such a blessing to hear your wonderful trubite to your Daddy and all the men that your surrounded by. God is so good to have choosen us to be placed among them. Thanks for sharing!! Hugs!

Marianne VanWingerden

Pushing the "Really Like" button! I too was blessed to have an amazing father...gone for 21 father's Days, but so loved and appreciated...missed. Miss his incredible wisdom and what a prayer warrior he was. Thanks for your post Christy, you are such a sweetie!

Barbara Konopa

One thing you forgot to mention about your hubby is that he is one serious good looking dude.

Linda Robison

You and so many are blessed to have found such an awesome mate. After leaving a very bad marriage decades ago I was not lucky enough to have found a real partner and must say I've not known many "good" men. I don't mind being alone, been doing it a LONG time...but when I read about what is possible, it does make me yearn for that real connection. My Dad did the best he could, and I miss him on days like this - it's my 2nd Father's Day without him. Hug these fine men today - you are blessed !

Linda Polaretzki

I've heard you talk about your Dad before and I'm happy that you have so many great memories (they don't replace the person) and that you have so many other great men in your life, as do I, not everyone is as blessed. I miss my Dad and Father-in-law and grandfathers tremendously. They were also great. My husband is a great guy also. We, like you, are blessed.

Thanks for sharing so much of your life. Your family is truly blessed by you, your husband and the rest of your remarkable family.

Kristy T.

I too have been blessed by many good, God loving men and a man that loved me through the good and the bad times. Missing my husband so today. My first Fathers day without him. I know he's in heaven watching over me today and always. Thanks for sharing Christy !!

Lisa Ciaravino

Your father sounds like a wonderful man and with all of Ben's wonderful qualities he's a cutie too !!! Just this past week my husband had a terrible run in with a deer and thankfully someone was watching over him and he survived yeret another life threatening moment. I realized marriage isn't an easy road to travel and we have our ups and downs but this man is the "Rock" of our family and the most AMAZING father. After 28 years I am finally realizing I did marry my "Prince Charming".

Cindi Picou

Thank you so much for sharing your love for your dad and husband have blessed many with your words!

carmen ferrerra

Such a beautiful post, your dad sounded like an amazing man :) You don't get many people like that these days. I have a lump in my throat lol I agree with what you said, men do have a bad rep nowawadys and it's a shame they're all being painted with the same brush :/ I have a husband and a dad that make me so proud and happy to be a part of their lives.

*sigh* I really did love this post :) Thank you.

Carmen xx


Wonderful post.

lorraine lewis

*WONDERFUL post Christy~


Sending you big squishy hugs today xxx

Stephanie Petersen

I'm so glad you have such amazing men in your life too! I just love hearing of such strong men who take their work as husbands and fathers seriously. God bless you! Xo. Love you sweet lady!!

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