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July 20, 2011



I love the fact that you are genuine, and real...I am enrolled in She Art right now, and I love to watch your videos...again, real...I don't like phoney, or "put on"...YOU are real. Thank you for the lesson in this post. I did get one...
I echo what Marci says (above) I too, found BG and Melody and then came to you class later...BOTH were gifts in my life, in different ways..but I see the connection now.
And by the way, your story of the Cherry Pepsi, really made me LOL. And realize I AM one of those coffee people you spoke of :( But I have really cut back, baby steps...


gosh i just love you...and i don't even know you!
you just seem to say the things that i need to hear at the time i need to hear them. it's funny because i found you and melody in different places at different times but you girls have had such a HUGE impact on my life over the last 6 months. HUGE! and you're 'trues'. amazing women, both of you!! can't wait to meet you in person at *spark*.

Jen Clark

This post is SO on the mark, Christy, and I am SOOOOO PROUD of you for making the decision you did. About CHA. Because I've been to CHA, so I know exactly how difficult that decision must have been. I know how exciting and fun and delicious it is, with all the new products and meeting up with old friends and new was better than's like the Disneyland for artsy crafty people! But you're SO ON THE MONEY about having to make choices and having to give up some good things for the best things in our lives...something I've been learning the hard way in my life lately (part of why I've been so persistent in my emails to you about 3 Hearts! LOL)...because we all have to learn this at some point in our lives. If we DON'T...I mean if we don't learn this...then these are the people who come to the ends of their lives (and I've seen them...when I worked hospice) and they have SO MANY many "I wish I would have..." statements, so many choices they wish they would have made differently. And so many broken relationships, because they didn't choose wisely. YOU are choosing wisely. YOU are making the best choices. That takes SO MUCH COURAGE. You are being SO BRAVE. I love Melody's daily truth email that she wrote just for you!! And one more thing, my dear friend. PLEASE. Stop apologizing for being you. Stop apologizing for making the right choices - for choosing your family over your blog! That is where you SHOULD be. Your blog will be here. We will be here. Your family...your children...they will only be children for a short time. You only get one chance to teach them, to build them up, to spend this time, today, with them. You are making the right choices - don't apologize for that. Be proud of that. I love you for that. I haven't been posting on my blog either, b/c I've been too busy working on ME and my family and on making the right choices. And I'm not about to go apologize to anyone for it. Because I KNOW that I know that I know that I'm making the right choice. (Granted, I don't have a bazillion followers like you do...but nonetheless...the principle is the same...LOL) I love you!

Colleen Kramer

wow. You create the most amazing art I've seen in a long time. Your creativity always blows me away.
But this post was truly amazing. As a mother of 4, (2 teens), this post in going into my journal.
And girl, (I say this gently) quite apologizing! You do the best you can do with what you have right now. That's it. And that is exactly what is asked of you, right now.
You are a good woman!

Crafty Mom

Christy - Thank you SO much for sharing this! I've taken Melody's SR1 and now am in SR2. I was doing something that was good for me and something I *wanted* to do for the last yr or so, but I was really struggling with the impact it was having on me and my family. It was good for so many reasons, but it meant sacrificing things that were better. It took me awhile to realize how to get back on my path and SR1 was a huge part of what made me realize I was off course. Now SR2 has really reinforced my decisions to get back on my path. So, I feel like you were talking directly to *me* when you wrote this post. I hope you're enjoying your time reconnecting with your family! Thanks for sharing this journey with us, and please, PLEASE don't feel guilty or apologetic for not posting here frequently. Hugs to you! I'm so excited for 3 Hearts to start on Monday!!!


You are an admirable person. Thanks for sharing<3

Kim B

Christy, Nerissa got right. I think we all feel we see ourselves in your post, and cheer you on as a friend. That's where the special ingredient is that draws us to you, I think.

You're doing a great job chicky. Just keep being yourself!

Nerissa Alford

Hi Christy

First off, I hope you & the family have a great time! Enjoy the vaca :) (I left my craft supplies home, just took some magazines & digital books!)

Thank you for sharing so much of you - not just the artist but the wife, mom & human being you are. Sometimes I see me in your posts, all the time I feel like a friend cheering you on.

Looking forward to the "Hearts" class. I enjoyed the "She Art" class immensely. I'm forever addicted to canvas art because of you ;)

Much love & admiration

Gina Lideros

I really enjoyed reading your post and I totally agree about how the small choices that we make can deeply impact our lives. I find it funny that you mentioned that the fountain drinks don't bother you as much as having a can of soda, or soda from a bottle. I too have Fibromyalgia and I also indulge in the occasional diet pepsi from the fountain at a restaraunt or gas station. But if I try to drink it from a can, it bothers me so much. I can instantly feel it throughout my nerves and my whole body aches so much. I know that it is bad for me, and I deeply regret it everytime I go to a party and pop open a can. So I am not sure why I keep doing it. I have been struggling with this, so I can totally relate to your post. Anyways, enjoy your summertime with the kids at home, and don't apologize for your blog. I have been neglecting mine too.

Johanna Edwards

Great post Christy! We have some things in common...I am the YW president in my branch, I have diabetes, and am addicted to cola! lol

The advice that Melody gave you reminded me so much of her kind words when I couldn't decide whether or not to close my scrapbook store. It was hard to let go of my dream...but I don't regret it. Unfortunately, I've lost all creativity!!! lol...I can't wait to start your class on Monday...I know I'll find some inspiration there!! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time on your camping trip.


Oddly enough I am a week ahead of you on this one. Last week getting ready to go to Hilton Head trying to figure out what crafts to pack. Jewelry, which I have been collecting to make things, Pan pastels to draw the ocean? Markers? Finally I decided to not bring anything except books. I did grab Neocolor crayons to journal if I choose. It's been great. Hope your trip goes well for you and yours.

Allison Kimball

lovely Christy!!!
I've never been to CHA for the same reasons. Thank you for such a lovely reminder and enjoy your family time!

Tammie Freeman

You are awesome...enjoy your weekend and your family. You can be creative later. Love your art and your's wonderful and does so many people so much good! Tammie Ü

Medeah Kitsmiller

Wow. I needed that. Thank you, sweet uncommon girl.

Donna L

Thank you for your words, it makes you so real to me! I can relate to it all and I appreciate your insights and honesty.

Enjoy your weekend!

Dorothy F

Christy your blogs are so great because you are so real. I think everyone of us can relate to you at some point. Enjoy your summer and that camping trip and we will see you when we see you. Looking forward to She has 3 Hearts and Creative Color, both which I am registered for.

Joanne Freeman

Christy, I love your blog and I love your realness and sharing heart. I have only just discovered your blog and already I feel like you are someone I wish I could be friends with in real life. Keep being real and honest and learning. Life is an awesome journey with ups and downs but so worth the trip.

Dottee O.

Hey cutie...thanks for sharing the story by Elder Uchtdorf...he is an amazing man who shares bits of wisdom that "teach" not "preach".
Have fun, fun, fun with your family...our kids grow up and leave home way to made the absolute BEST decision!

Toni K

I love it when you share with us, because you never know when you will touch someone. Sometimes just knowing we are not the only ones who veer off course is enough :) Enjoy your family time.

Rhonna Farrer

love you & love your true heart...WTG, girl!

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