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July 29, 2011


Danee Kaplan

The photo of your dad and the grandkids is so sweet. I know from what you have written that you cherish it and I hope you always will. My father had a lung transplant. After that he was such a germaphob that he wouldn't even touch the grandkids. I have pics with my oldest and him playing or snuggling, but my youngest…. 2 pictures. That is kit. It really truly broke my heart after he died and I found only 2 photos. I think he only held Chase a total of 3 times.

Dana Loffland

Hey Christy! I hope your weekeend was fun! My husband of 35 yrs. died last August, also. He was 57. Coincidentally, my daughter's best friend had her first child 2 days later. That is crazy that your Dad died in church! Crazy cool that it was at church. My grandparents played Canasta and I don't know anyone to play with. With you and the Brave Girls living in Utah, and with my weird, unexpected single life, I dream of visiting you girls and maybe we can fit in a Canasta game! I am in your current journal class - just loving it! I love to watch your videos. You are the best teacher I know!

Vickie Myers

What a loving post about both of your parents. The photo of your Dad with lots of grandkids, who obviously adored him, is such a special photo. I was just missing my Dad and your post made me happy, knowing that you (and I and many others) were lucky enough to have wonderful fathers. Then, CANASTA. My dad and uncles played and would let me play too. I'll have to re-learn it. I love how your entire family quickly decided how to honor your Dad in a way that will bring you all together every year. Awesome. Loved your whole post. Now, I'm going to check out your class. Thanks again.


So glad to see you celebrating your Dad, I know it is hard to be without them my Dad passed 3 years ago. Your Dad was a very special man.
Good luck with the work shop, looks like it will be fun.

Susan Schultheis

Christy, Canasta? I havent heard that game mentioned in a million years. Our family played Canasta with tournaments and get-to-gethers all the time! I would love to play again but my mom (who played with girlfriends for years) has passed and the family has just gone their separate ways with grandchildren etc. Maybe one day we will play again. Thanks for the reminder. Think I will have to do an Art Journal (She Had 3 Hearts) page.


looking forward to the class today!
And many happy congrats on the artful blogging article! that is fantastic!!!

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Sorry to hear about your dad. Having lost my own father I know how difficult that can be. Congratulations on your feature in Artful Blogging, great article.


Thanks for sharing about your fabulous family. It's nice to see families that like each other. Hey, I wanted to say THANK YOU for your SHE HAS THREE HEARTS class. I'm taking it and LOVE it!!!! It's hard to find art classes anymore that aren't soo expensive. Your class is wonderful. I'm a quilter by trade. ( my first love) but I love art journaling because it allows me to just be free. (and messy) I put you on my blog roll in my art section. Just love ya. ----hugs ---- Sandie

Jen Clark

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family stories with us, are SO SO blessed to be part of such a huge, wonderful family! I know the loss of your dad has been such a hard thing for you, but man, you have grown SO MUCH through the grief process and the work you've done in the year since his death. God brings such beauty from our pain. He never lets our pain go to waste. I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with love and new memory-making with your family.


Happy "celebrating" weekend, Christy! I can't wait for the workshop on Monday!! Also, enjoyed seeing the Artful Blogging magazine with your name and work on the cover last night at B&N~way to go!


I wish you and your family and very happy time together remembering you dear Dad. isn't it strange that as I child arrives an adult leaves this life.

We had the christening of my grandchild two weeks ago and my Sons' Nana passed on the same day....

My own grandmother taught me canasta when I was quite young but I have forgotten how to play - I need to relearn so that I can teach my own grandchildren.


Dottee O.

How wonderful that your MOM is serving a mission!! Wow, I think I'm gonna cry...really, what a blessing for your entire family!
Christy...I adore that picture of your dad with all his grandkidlets. I'm a grandparent too and you can bet I'm going to have a photo taken of me just like that one. It will be hard because I have grand kids in Montana and Tennessee, we live in Utah and are blessed to have 4 of our 13 actually living with us so that photo will be easy!
Looking forward to Monday's class!

Larissa Heskett

What AN AWESOME photo for your KIDS to have and to REMEMBER the LOVING G-PA that they had, even if they were too small to TOTALLY remember him!! =) THANKS for sharing with us!!
I am SO EXCITED about the class and I can't wait to CREATE!! =)
P.S the email I sent with the canvas piece I had made that was inspired by you and Janelle's art was posted on the PRIMA BLOG for the June Prima Product Picks Challenge!! =) Just wanted to share!!


Christy, I need to be in your family! I LUV canasta and I grew up playing it with my family.

Dawn Tavela

I am so excited for your new color class! I loved the last color class you did a couple years back. Looking forward to all the new inspiration.


I love that pic of your dad!! And Temple work is the best!!

I want to take this class!!

Isabelle Naud

Happy birthday to your mom! It's my birthday today too! So i have decided to offer a gift to myself by taking your workshops!!!! Thanks for the great techniques and all the inspiration! :)

Mary Campbell

Gee, Christy. You cheat at canasta too? How am I ever going to make it in the tourney surrounded by cheaters? lol!

Donna L.

What a great story, sounds like so much fun, large families are awesome! Enjoy your weekend, hope you win. Can't wait to start the workshop on Monday.

Dira Reeves

Love your the sharing and can't wait for the mini-class!

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