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July 18, 2011



are the videos downloadable or do I only have a certain amount of time to view them???
hypersky5 at hotmail dot com

Cathy Garrett

Are you offering any kind of an extension or review for the She Art Class for people that have already taken it?


are the videos downloadable or do I only have a certain amount of time to view them???


Are the videos downloadable?


Is this an online class? Can you buy it and take it anytime?


I want to join this class so bad! I just joined the She Art workshop, hopefully within a few months I'll be able to do this one too. :) So appreciative on the classes you offer.


Hi Christie, Yesterday I subscribed to this class and am so excited. I just wanted to make sure you noted my referral from Theresa from Queensland, she told me about the course so I jumped on over and signed up.

Marilyn Y.

Love the She Art. I am signed up for Three Hearts! Can't wait to start. I was way behind in starting the She Art, so I am looking forward to interacting with the others in the class this time.


I took the last class and could not have been more pleased and surprised! Christy is a wonderful teacher, so down to earth and real. What I got for my money was SO worth it. Loved the class and all the wonderful techniques - it was great to get re-inspired to use products I hadn't touched for months. Thanks for a great workshop Christy. If you haven't signed up - DO! You'll love it.


I would so love to sign up for this class but I guess I'm behind. LOL I'm taking your She Art online class currently and LOVING it! Hopefully, this class will be offered at a later date for me to catch up!


Wiiii canĀ“t wait for it to begin! So exited!

lynda french

I took this class in may and learned tons and tons of new techniques!!

Gina Tompkins

I have taken both classes too and have signed up for the new class! I have loved them all! It takes me longer than others (based on the comments) but I do watch them and learn great techniques.


this class looks amazing!!


I took the first She Art class and it awoke that creative part of me that had been sleeping for a long time. I didn't register for the first 3 Hearts workshop because I wasn't sure it was "my thing". But after reading more and seeing all of the techniques we'll be using, how could I not sign up.

After taking the She Art class, i can tell anyone that's hesitating based on the cost - do it. It's a bargain. Seriously. I'm so excited for this class to start. (Oh, and I signed up for the Creative Color mini workshop before I signed up for this, so I'm going to be BUSY! :) Can't wait!!

sandra de

I have loved both the classes I have taken so far, Christy is so generous and inspiring as she explains techniques and creating her amazing art journals. Nothing fazes her!!. Now I have signed up for the colour workshop.... I can't get enough.

Jen Clark

Hi Christy - I sent you an email a while ago (actually sent it a couple times) about this class. Thinking it got lost in the shuffle if I haven't heard back? Should I write again?


Yea, Monday can't come any quicker. I am just finishing up week 3 of Christy's SHE ART class and love it. I am so ready to learn more from Christy she is such a great teacher and fun to watch. Thanks Christy for the opportunity to when a shopping spree. I'm signing up for 3 Hearts.


I did the May class and I have loved it! Christy's videos are thorough and she explains all of her techniques so well...and her enjoyment and love for what she does is very apparent in these videos! She covers so much and comes through so honestly and open only complaint may be that we don't get the videos for a lifetime! :) I hope to take another class from her in the future!

Tracey L Edwards

I registered and paid for the first 3 Hearts class, bought art journals, supplies, everything...then I got sick and didn't have the opportunity to complete any of the work I'd so looked forward to. Now that I see the course being re-offered, I feel redeemed!! I was so sad I had missed the very art I needed to make me feel better, and all 3 of my hearts are soaring now at the news of the new class -- you can bet your boots I'll be signing up again. I wouldn't miss it! I'm a project lead for Whole Lotta Whimsy's Sunday Social Circle on Facebook and I'm always telling these artisans about Christy's workshops, her art, even her teaching methods because they could all learn from her. As long as she offers classes, I will always be participating in Christy's classes. I loved her SheArt class and can't wait to get started (again) on 3 Hearts and the Colors workshop. Thanks for all you do, Christy!! : )

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