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July 08, 2011



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Karen Goulet

Gorgeous shoot Christy! It could be a magazine layout...I have to say it again...Gorgeous!
Karen :)

Holly Kennedy

Oh my word! You did an amazing job! Just found you via the my craft channel blog, and I am following you! What a talent!

Claire Bull

Amazing photo shoot - this was so fun - I loved about 10 of them - what a great job - she probably loved it and all of the pics are so pretty !!


now THAT is super cool!!!


If you hadn't said anything, I would have thought you've been doing photo art for years. I hope Kacee is hanging those up in her room. AWESOME.

michelle galloway

OMG! That looked like so much fun...what a great idea, I have a 9 year old who would love to do something fun and crazy like that....not to mention all her friends.....Thanks for the idea!

Larissa Heskett

WOW!! How funny that the ART sense is something that people see and use to do several different things, but at the same time it all can be used together!! =) I LOVE what you came up with!! Your friends daughter might have a career as a model ahead of her!! In fact she could use these as portfolio photos and I'm sure she could book some jobs!! GORGEOUS young lady!! =)
THANKS for sharing!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!!


Hi Christy,
Love your creative challenge this week. It was very ambitious and turned out AWESOME! I think the first pictures in the green dress were my favorites:) I hope you enjoyed Kent! LOL!

Jen Clark

Wow, Christy!!!! What an amazing, beautiful shoot!!!!! Seriously - you could fool ANYONE with these photos - NOT a professional?! Ha!! I dare say these are far better than MANY professional photos I have seen. Your heart just flows into everything you do. And what a beautiful model! She's so sweet! LOL about the concert...and I loved listening to you try to figure out how to say "ochre." You're just...YOU. And we love YOU! xo


WOW Amazing! You are a woman of many talents. Gorgeous!

Marilyn Johnson

Beautiful photos! Love this!

Frank Zweegers

Interesting read!

deb christensen

amazingly beautiful. everything.
and man oh man, what 13-year-old girl doesn't dream of something like this???
too fun.

Pat Healey

Christy, your photographs are awesome. Well Done! Wonderful Job! Fabulous!


You are so amazingly talanted i just love your pictures


Christy, honestly! I can't believe the talent that just seems to come so effortlessly from your beautiful heart! Wonderful photography and loved the vintage look. Everything looks so perfect! You just amaze me with your talent!


These are beautiful photos, Christy! I love what you did with the inspiration from Cathi's work. Amazing . . .

Carla Bange

Purple dress, fuschia underskirt, red cowgirl boots and an old denim jacket - I am SO painting this girl! Thanks for the inspiration.

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