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July 08, 2011



Just gorgeous!

Pam Hairfield

Your photos are gorgeous!

carrie clayden

you would never know you aren't a professional, these look as good as any I've seen done by a photographer. LOVE the dresses mixed with the funky boots, your model is gorgeous! These are kick ass and you have another artistic arm to add to your repertoire. Great challenge. Nothing like trying something new to stimulate our artist!

laura huffman

too funny about the concert. love the photo shoot amazing. and your model's gorgeous. wow. enjoy your weekend.
going to shovel a big heap of mulch.


Truly amazing. Your artistic eye has transferred superbly to the lens. Such a beautiful model too. The lighting is amazing and has worked really well. All together fabulous!


Phenomenal! You amaze me with your numerous talents and ideas!


WOW Christy fantastic photos! I love it all and I am in awe of the talented artists featured in this blog! My daughter(8) saw this too and now she wants me to photograph her! (lord nows-although I love taking pictures-I am not very good at it). But sure why not, even if the pictures turned out bad, we will have fun spending time together. TFS

Julie M

Christy - that is amazing and it sounds like you had a blast! The photos are beautiful!

Dawn B

AWESOME work Christy. Wow!! And your model is absolutely beautiful.
So jealous you are going to Kenny, he is a hottie and his songs are great fun. Have a wonderful time.

Christa Thomas

Love these photos, you did great! Love the funky, vintage vibe and the lighting is amazing. What kind of camera did you use? I will have to show these to my 12 year old fashionista and see if she wants to do some art photos in some our vintage clothes. Will need to come up with a theme of some sort. Hmmmm, creative juices starting to flow! Thanks Christy, you are always such an inspiration:-)


Awesome pics Christy!!!! Photo shoots are so much fun! yep love them boots too...hehe

Have fun tonight <3

katie squires

Christie your so INSANE!!! I LOVE IT...I LOVE THIS!!! WOW WOW about just going for it! BEAUTIFUL WORK :) I am so enjoying this series :)


Wow! for someone who didn't really know what she was doing Christy, you've certainly done a FANTASTIC job of it!!! The pics look truly fabulous. :)

Susan Tidwell

AMAZING! What a beautiful young lady you had as a model. And, please, don't leave us to become a photographer! Your photos turned out fabulous!


Great Job!!! I think you have found something else u are great at!

Martha Richardson and WOW! Talent oozes out of you and I know you are going to turn around and teach us!


Forgot to say I love your red boots!!!

lisa keys

very cool...great pics.she looks way older the 13 definitely don't let the dad see these lol


Wow Christy, if you ever want a change of profession you could choose from photography or hair or make up!!! What a beautiful shoot, the lighting is stunning and your model gorgeous. Thanks for sharing :)

Am just putting the finishing touches to the canvas project with the rolled paper from the last challenge and I love the finished piece.

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