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July 26, 2011



Hi Christy,
Thanks so much for contributing to Artful Blogging. It was a great pleasure working with you.

All the best,

Lee Hynes

I just wanted to post SOMEWHERE that I have done maybe 30 online classes and as many real painting classes(large canvases) and I wanted to say this was the most informative ever, you are very generous with your time and techniques and should be applauded.Value for money!


I found your blog by following the She Art people and I was so blessed by this first post I read, and by your humility in giving our Lord praise and all credit. I smiled as I read your excitement! Your artwork is so inspiring...I'm definately a new follower.
Hugs, Margo


Congratulations Christy !

Johanna Edwards

How exciting for you Christy! Thank you for being who you are...and not being afraid to share your testimony of how our Heavenly Father blesses us.

Jen Clark

Oh, Christy, I am soooo happy for you. What a testimony to the Lord's faithfulness, and to what it means to follow Him. Keep giving Him the glory, and He'll keep on blessing you. You are so right about needing to keep a humble heart - I love what you said about that. Many people experience success and take all the credit themselves. I think we can all see you transparently enough that you will always be kind, humble and totally real. I am so excited to see where God takes you next in this journey! xoxo


congratulations. well deserved :)


beyond happy for YOU!!!

you are so deserving of your wishes coming to fruition ... you took the "leaps"!! you did it .... and it is such an inspiration for me ... i have a journal similar to the one you mentioned ... and in it i am constantly writing to My Father ... asking Him for guidance ... wanting to serve Him in the way he wants ... i am trying to silence myself to truly hear what He wants me to do.

sending you so much love and continued blessings.


ps....i have a date with the bookstore tomorrow!!! can't wait!

Laurie LaRiviere

Congrats Christy! Stampington magazines are superior to any other out there, and it's a true honor to be in one of them! I know how you feel, years ago I sent in some quilted tags to Somerset, last minute acutally, and they called me and wanted to do an article with them, I had to write it, I was beyond excited, didn't sleep for a week. That article and the tags hang on the wall in my living room, so I know how excited you are, I will have to check out your issue!! Couldn't have happened to a nicer person, congrats again!

Artful Affirmations

Super Congratulations! How totally exciting for you. You are such a talented artist, that it doesn't surprise me at all that they wanted to feature you or that your name was on the cover. You really are special!


That it so awesome Christy! You deserve everything you receive!

You really have inspired me to take a leap into the art world and am anxiously waiting to get my login info to start my She Art class. :)

I hope to someday aspire to be as successful in art as toy, even starting my own little blog in the process. :)

Thank you.


Yes! I think this is the perfect place for you. Love that mag. I am excited to see the paths you will take in your creative adventures~

Hold on!!! :o) Junelle

Dira Reeves

My heart is overjoyed for you! May God continue to bless you daily :) I love what you do and what you share.


Can't wait to see the article!! You are so talented and deserve all of the accolades and good things that are happening for you and your family!


I love when you get so enthousiastic and write about your feelings! And what a dream come true to be featured in a Stampington Magazine! I had my small leap a few weeks ago being asked to be a guest designer in a German Scrap Magazine...I totally know how you feel! I cannot wait to receive my issue and see my work published...
I am jumping on my chair with you ;-)

Toni K

Oh Christy, this is awesome news! So so happy for you! So deserved!

renee larson

I cannot wait to get my copy of the magazine. I am totally addicted to all of Somerset's magazines and just recently started to read the "blogging" magazine. Christy, you are an amazing artist and I am so happy for you that you are reaching your goals. I am looking forward to your next class as I have taken ALL of your classes and am so inspired by you. Have a great day!

Dorothy F

You so deserve all of this, you work so hard. Thanks for sharing.


oh my stars!!!!how fantastic is that! so happy for you I was introduced to your work through Donna Downey's blog and have been blessed to watch this story unfold I have done both workshops and am waiting excitedly for the next one. Thank you so much for sharing it all :)

Dottee O.

Christy...BIG CONGRATS!! I love everything Stampington...the quality of their magazines is second to none! I'm buying that issue as soon as it hits the news stands! If I bring it to SPARK will you sign it for me??
I truly believe in the "leap" theory. No matter how old we get we just have to have faith in God and in ourselves to make our dreams come true. I'm so happy for you!!

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