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July 26, 2011



congratulation my dear! you deserve this!
last night i finished "3 hearts"
it was the most inspiring e course i've ever taken!!!
thank you!!!

Barbara H

Oh Christy, I am just thrilled for you. Just wanted you to know that I love your "Christy sharing her feelings" posts. By sharing your thoughts and feelings with us, it feels like we have been friends forever. Love that you share your dreams too. I can't wait to see the Somerset Studio issue. Do y ou know when that will be out?


Congrats Christy!! Cannot wait to read the magazine!! When will you be in Where Women Create?? Thank you for sharing your art with us!


Congratulations Christy! You are soooooooo deserving! God really does have big plans for you;D I'm blessed to be learning from your sharing. Thank you!

Karen Dodson are awesome!!!


I loved your blog before i read i love it even more. I've been wanting to take your class, but our finances are in a huge mess right now....I'm going to go look at them again to see what I can eek out. The fact that you can publicly thank God for your success, and give him the glory, is perfect! He will continue to reign blessings down on you and your family!

Denise S.

So happy for you,you have accomplished much for one so young. Amazing the way you have kept moving forward even with your health problems. Look forward to seeing whats next for you and cheering you on always.

tiffany ~ the fancy farmgirl

Loved reading your article, it was amazing!!
Happy to be featured with YOU!!
xoxox, Tiffany


So happy for you!! God works in mysterious ways and often these things happen and we are amazed and thankful and not really sure why. But we know in our heart that these things are from Him and we must never forget that and always find a way to keep it going. Your work, your classes, and your blog are all very inspiring and life changing. Yes, life changing...if you spoke to all of us who have learned from you, you would find that you've touched all of us in so many ways--some hugely and some just a little, but just the right amount for each of us. As for me you've helped to bring out a part of me in my art that I didn't know was there. I've been more in tune with who I am and I luv who I am. I am a better person, mother, wife, and friend b/c of it. I look forward to what will come next. : )

Violet Verhoog

Congratulations! I'm not the least bit surprised they featured you! Way to go.



loved the post....doing mondo this makes me excited knowing lists work and with god all is it!


Congrats Christy, you deserve all the success! You are such a sweetie and your art is so inspiring, love, love love it :)

Can't wait for the new class on the 1st!


CONGRATULATIONS! you are an amazing person and artist you deserve all this and more : )


YAY... amidst the doubts and the struggles, God always manages to show up and show off on our behalf... just another "hug from above" for you, Christy!


a huge wonderful congratulations to you!! so very deserving!!

Donna L

I am so happy for you! Love that you give God the credit -- we can do all things through Christ.


Congratulations Christy...that is so awesome...

carol m

Congratulations, Christy! This is awesome news and so well deserved. You are such an inspiration to so many.

lori jolley

How wonderful! What an exciting thing to happen for you! You are just amazing - always such and example to me! Love you tons!


Congratulations Christy !!!!

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