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July 13, 2011



Good post, Christie. Thank you for sharing. We all battle this stuff, at least most of us!

Wendy, aka Roo

Wow, I really know what you're going through & it's tough! I'm doing something similar & I have good days & bad days. I think I've deprived myself too much & then go on a binge & then feel yucky. Processed foods are soo bad for us, yet I can't get my hubby to stop buying them & then when I want something bad I am determined to find it, no matter where he's hidden it! We are all human & can't be expected to stay on a regimen forever. Keep up the good work, it's great that you're exercising, that's the one thing I'm missing, that I know will make me feel better. Take care

Donna P.

Enjoy your summer with the Fam, that's what you should be doing!! I'm glad the new eating habits are working for you and your news sounds very exciting!
Have a great Summer!

Donna L

I am glad that you are finding something that works, making choices and knowing the consequences is empowering. Enjoy your summer, can't wait to hear your news! I am signed up for the mini workshop on color and it sounds like just the thing I needed after doing the 3 hearts. I come home from work and instead of watching TV I will go directly to my craft room and do a page in my art journal - I'm loving it.

laura huffman

so glad you have some control over how you're feeling. having fun exercising, and enjoying summer.

Lisa Pate

I went totally gluten/dairy free to help with my RA and terrible tummy issues I have had for years..... and like you found that 100% was not easy. AND if I accidently ate something I reacted soooo strongly. So now I allow a *little* in my diet, and then when I accidently eat something or my reastion isn't as bad??? I am 85% clean and green and 15% whatever I want. Works for me !!!


I too am gluten and dairy free (ok, i cheat a bit on the dairy when I need - and i mean need - a wee bit of cheese). I'm also soy free due to thyroid issues but soy makes me feel awful so that is something to watch for. GF menus are popping up all over the place but unless the kitchen is careful about cross-contamination, you could still be getting some gluten. I ask for fresh lemon slices to squeeze on salad instead of dressing and like it better now. Just a thought. I've been GF for over 2 years and a little gluten now makes me feel so bad that it is not worth it. Oh, and tea - like ordering iced tea - can have gluten. Tazo tea has gluten. Why, I do not know. But Republic of Tea does not. Another way you could be inadvertently getting gluten when out to eat somewhere.

Violet Verhoog

Eating healthy is the only way to go! I'm a vegetarian and once in awhile when we eat out I'll order something that "should" be all vegetarian only to have pains in the tummy afterwards so likely meat broth in something. I have lost the enzymes to digest all meat I guess. It's hard to always eat healthy so go for the 80/20 rule - eat healthy 80% of the time and don't' worry about the 20%.


Christy! congrats on living your life the green clean way.

Its so hard...I feel your pain! I too have had to make that choice...and when something goes wrong (a waitress doesn't check something, etc..) well, the three days of pain I get are not worth it. I have celiac (so no gluten), no shellfish or seafood, major sugar sensitivity as well as my newest When I read your post I immediately thought she might be sensitive to SOY! This one is such a huge is in everything!!! You might want to limit soy and see how you feel. (I get yucky feeling, tired and WICKED bloated and uncomfortable.

Oh, and I have to limit the nuts, seeds, etc too...I've got horrendous diverticulitis (even a type that according to my dr. only seems to affect asian men!) so that adds to my fun.

I have a juicer that isn't hard at all to clean...just soak the parts and easy-peasy done. Its made by Breville. It was pricey, but I use it every day (well, most every day) Green juice is so amazing! and yes, I would love a "green juice goddess" to make it for me every morning! wouldn't that be nice!

Oh and a great magazine is Clean Eating. Every recipe that I have tried has been wonderful...and they have a website too. (and there are cookbooks as well...called the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno.

Wishing you fantastic health...and a wonderful summer!


I've been thinking about you and your green diet, wondering how it's working for you. I can sure tell when I eat "off the grid". I feel horrible.
Keep at it! Make it a habit!
Do you use any sweetner? Honey?


Christy, thought of you today when my just-found-out-about-this magazine came today: Pain Pathways. For those of us dealing with chronic pain (from whatever the source - fibro, RSD/CRP, Ca, etc). It is a relatively new publication and there are wonderful articles in it every month. Real life stories, Q/A's, updates on new techniques, traditional and 'wholistic', advocacy issues, and more. Folks who follow your blog may find help from it and from the US Pain Foundation. I know I feel more enabled to face my days knowing I have others who have understanding of my struggles.

Julie Nicholes

Wondering - does the full moon bother you, too? How about premenstral or menstral hormones? Trying to figure that part of my symptoms out. Is it just me?
Gluten and sugar free sounds like a positive change for lots of us! Need to give up my Coca cola habit. Giving up caffeine sometimes feels like a death threat, though. hehehe Addictions are terrible!
Glad you are feeling better! Thanks for giving me a positive outlook to inspire me!


you might check with the restaurants and make sure they are not adding MSG to their foods. It is a flavor enhancer, but once you get off of it by eating natural foods and then eat something with MSG in ache all over! If you are eating at restaurants that do not make their own salad dressings, you might alos be getting preservatives in the salad dressing...another killer if you have been off of them. Hope this helps...I have a lot of the same issues you seem to have and doctors were no help! Took me 3 years to finally stop the break outs and cortizone shots! Relazing is GOOD for you and water, water, water! Blessings on your journey to better health! and thanks for all you do and share with us!

Kim Boken

So glad you are feeling better!! I need to kick myself into gear and do something too!


Excellent! Glad you are feeling better through diet and exercise. And I'm so excited to hear your news!


Excuse me....did you just apologize for taking it easy? Shame on you. There isn't a woman in the world that would think you were goofing off. We know better.

We need well balanced lives. You're doing yourself, your family, and your fans a favor when you take care of yourself. Thanks for that!


Christy can u please share what plan u r on? It sounds like just what I need.

Martha Richardson

I hate waiting for news!

Toni K

Good for you! So glad it's working and you're feeling better :)


It sounds just great, Christy!! We are here regardless of how much time you take. Love your attitude and energy. I do think of you so often. I have been having more bad days than much pain. But then I had a diagnosis come in and I have been taking meds and I am getting better! I still have some pain...but nothing like before. I feel like my life is back on track.

It was during my deep, dark pain I thought of that post you wrote about your was such a comfort to me. Thank you for sharing your real life with us!

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