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August 09, 2011


Robert Cave

Your computer is rattling instructive and your articles are wonderful.


So amazing and fun and I look forward to it!!!

Shari Nelson

What an exciting opportunity! I am sure you will do great! I'll have to make sure I can see this. Sounds like a great line-up and loads of fun and inspiration!


Christy! Just read your whole blog! whew. So cool getting to "know" you and look forward to all your new adventures.

Would love to see your flea market finds from Texas too! When you get a chance... lol

ON, Canada

Cindy Jones Lantier

Can't wait to see the show! Congrats!


Christy, you will be AWESOME! I look forward to watching;D On another note, I tried to copy your blog badge html to add it to my blog, but, I'm not able to grab the entire link with the image source info. When you get back I hope you can fix it.


Oh wow Christy, I have met Margie and I love her to death, I am so utterly excited for you. Wish I was there to join in all of the fun....kept us posted...luv


Christy so glad to see and hear all the different avenues you are able to do. U have a gift to share with others. Best wishes on the new shows. I'm sure your having a blast with all the guest. I wish the Best, I wish could be there... Let us know when it airs.
Heather J.

Pam C

Christy - we love you for who you are. Imagine all of us sitting in front of our computers in our pajamas wishing we were in the studio with you.

Denise S.

Best news for artists and crafters in a long time. You will be awesome just as you always are. Can't wait to see all the shows.


Good luck Christy !!!!!

Dottee O.

Oh Christy, they BETTER let you just be yourself 'cause all your peeps love you just the way you are, which is.....amazing!! Good luck little chica!!

Larissa Heskett

OMG!! I really can't IMAGINE all of the fun you girls are going to have MAKING ART!! I wish I could be a fly on the wall so I could join in on the fun!! =) I SO CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THE CRAFT CHANNEL this fall!! I WON'T MISS A SINGLE ONE!! Also, I can't wait to meet you and Margie and Donna, Jen and everyone else at SPARK!! =) EEK!! I AM SO EXCITED!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

kelly lish

Oh this sounds so exciting! I can't wait to see what you fun girls do on film! I know it will be so fun to watch! Way to go girlfriends!!!!!

Lori Souter

you GO girl! I am so proud for you!!!


Dana Bickley

OH MY GOODNESS, I can't wait to see every single episode!!! This is so exciting...for you all...AND for us :)

Your trip sounds awesome. I love they way you describe your friends. Friends are the best <3


wow, what an incredible line up of inspirational women. This is going to be good. Looking forward to it.

Lisa G. - Happy Mama

You have some of my favorite ladies in your line up. Yahoo!!!!

Martha Richardson

This is going to be soooooooooooooo awesome...I'm excited to see the whole will ROCK Christy!

lori jolley

this sounds so much fun! You have chosen the perfect guests! Good luck! Have fun! Can't wait to see and hear the results!!! Hugs!

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