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August 04, 2011



I stumbled accross your recent video and liked it so much I decided to dig into the archives and see what else you have. Could you tell me what type of pens and pastels you were using please. Sorry very new to this. However, I work in primary and I think this would be great for the kiddies.


I so thoroughly enjoyed watching your vid...have been wanting to do something like that for a while now just didnt know how or where to start and now I have so mNy ideas I wanna try. Just one question though...what kind of pen did you use on the gesso'd canvas??
I need to get one to start...a HUGE thanks for sharing the inspiration.

Winnie Uffelmann

Thank you for sharing your process. I found your blog when reading the spread on you in Artful Blogger yesterday. I fell in love with your art. I loved the ladies you showed in there. I love the mixed media look you do. I am a card maker and am just wowed by your style.

Kirsten K.

thank you for all your creative feed my starving artist soul! :) hugs to you!

Kirsten J

Wow Christy....I haven't visited in ages....and am feeling like I just had an explosion in my head. Does that even make sense?!?!?? thank you so much for sharing your art ~ I feel amazingly energized and inspired!

Larissa Heskett

GREAT POST Christy!! I LOVED the info and the video!! I always like seeing you create!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)


This was so much fun to the canvas.. will definitely be back.. thanks...

Shannon Jones

Completely awesome! I have been wanting to venture into this area and you have inspired me! Now to get to the craft store to buy a canvas and all the extras! :-)


I really like it ! Thanks for sharing your process :)

Christy Tomlinson

I used the permaball pilot pen!

Su Gould

really love the canvas doodle art! What kind of a black ink pen did you use to start your doodle?

Holly S

I adore this! Love it...thanks for showing your technique and inspiring me to give it a try!

deb christensen

oh my gosh that was wonderful. i wanted the video to just keep going...
you are so stinkin' fun to watch, i love love how you dig into your "stuff"
thank you for this wonderful little art vacation.

Lisa L.

I love them! Alisa Burke's blog is a fav of mine - her creations are gorgeous. I'm very impressed with your take on the doodling. Great job!


This is wonderful and has inspired me to tackle a huge canvas I bought ages ago but haven't known what to do with until now.

I'm also off to check out Alisa Burke.

Thank for sharing all your wonderful art. You are so inspirational.

flyer printing

WOW, those were all pretty nice work! I personally like the monochromatic flower, very good color of choice, and I just remember my favorite blanket back home. Thanks for sharing those wonderful stuff, it seems like I just been there with miss Alisa Burke, such a talented person.


So vibrant...I love it! You are so creative, thank you for the inspiration you give me...and thank you Alisa, oh my goodness, talk about art!

Tomi Ann

Wow, that is gorgeous! I really love the happy colors.

Sarah Martin

This is really cool!

Question: What kind of black pen did you use when doodling on the gesso'd canvas on the video? I'm having a hard time finding a pen that doesn't clog up on the gesso.



I love these Christy! I am picking up my pen right now to doodle. GREAT Friday inspiration. I read Alisa's blog too and think she is "all things fabulous!" Have a wonderful weekend. :)

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