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August 04, 2011


Lisa Ciaravino

Love it! I really need to practice my doodleing!

Carol Miller

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! My mind is already spinning with ideas. Thanks; as always for the inspiration.


So so so! Amazing. Beautiful work, you are such an inspiration, I've really missed your videos!

Can't wait for more


love it miss Christy and so glad i came and read this and your friend Alisa's blog....we had some power outages around 2 months ago and i just doodled all over the front of my new clip board to pass time and i liked it so i asked my husband if i could sand our table alittle and just doodle all over it....dang it he said NO....since i got it hmmmm 8 years ago for $100 because it had a scatch on it and my kids and grandkids have dink it up oh yea i was the one that spelt glitter on it last fall i was sure it was the perfect makeover....i am gonna show him that floor...=0) thanks for letting me share


Thanks again Christy. I have a biggie here that I've been scared of starting on but now you and Alisa have given me the courage.

Dira Reeves

AHHHH! another gorgeous canvas!!! I'll have to add this to my bucket list to do...thanks for sharing :)

Mahria Day

love, love, love it! I stopped it to follow along, and I didn't know I could doodle! Just need to practice more. Thanks for the inspiration.

lori jolley

wow ! I love both your work! What a great idea to doodle large canvasses. I never would have imagined how amazing they would look - but I'm a horrible doodler - so I'll have to practice before I would ever attempt something so big!


Love both canvasses. Thank you so much for this inspiration - I've missed your videos so much! I can't wait to get out a canvas and see what I can do.

Lisa Gonzalez

So looking forward to seeing more of your videos and following your blog. You are so relatable and sweet on your video. Thanks for sharing!

Amy lynne Smith

Love it Christy! They are both awesome! I am soooo going to try this! Thanks for the inspiration!

Barbara Messina

Love, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! Love the colors, love the everything about it!


LOVE it!!! :)

You & Alisa are both soo awesome!

Karen Searle

Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it all! Two very talented ladies, thx for sharing:)

Amy Patterson

Oh, I love that larger canvas just the way it is! It took my breath away, seriously. Love it. Next in my art journal I am so giving that a try. Thanks for inspiring me!!


you are so amazing!!!!
is there anything you touch that doesn't come out beautiful!!

sandi tygar

Amazing, Christy!!!!! I'm in such awe of you... and thank you for sharing Alisa - she's awesome!!!

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