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August 22, 2011



Hi Christy, I just found your site. Is there any way to get a copy of this show? I missed it. :(

Cindy Jones Lantier

I am so excited about seeing these episodes. I know you did a great job, because you are such a talented artist! I'll be watching your blog for instructions on tuning in. Hope you are feeling better now.


First of all - I love your blog! I am a newbie but have alreayd learned so much from your blog and watching your videos (over and over). Your blog is a very happy place.
Thanks so much,
Wanda :~)

Pam Staley

Christy: I am stressing! We just made plans to go to JunkBonanza in Shakopee, MN on the 14th-18th of September. It's the week your MCC segments will be on. Will they be available the whole week or just certain times? I don't want to miss it. Of course, on one of my trips to B & N last week, I immediately noticed Somerset Studio and your name on the cover. Love the article and your creations on your blog.


I am SO looking forward to watching your show!! The art you made is fabulous...of course & such fab guests - such a collection of my favorite & inspirational ladies. :)Have a beautiful weekend.


WOW!! this looks so amazing! I can't wait.. :) your Subscribe button the sidebar isn't working.. so I can't follow your blog.. when you fix it can you let me know? Thanks

Crafty Mom

How exciting Christy! I'm glad you've had fun but also got in the rest that you've needed. I can't wait for the channel's debut!!!


Way cool! Love all the samples you created!!


the show debuts on September 12th....YES .....


Your samples are incredible! Absolutely!

Kirsten Reed

beautiful! you and your art! :)


those pieces of art were so beautiful! looks like you had a good time, I'll have to check out the segments on u-tube since I don't have that channel where I live.

Jen Clark

It looks like you had a blast! LOVE the set!! I'm so glad you're back...but also glad you took a break to take care of you. Can't wait to see the show!

laura huffman

can't wait to see the segments. your projects look amazing. glad you were able to stand the day


It looks so amazing....can not wait for the show...Love your art = )

Holly S

OMG!!! How I wish I were there...sound like you girls rocked the set!


Christy-I can't wait to watch! You are such an amazing artist. Thanks for sharing all that you do!

Larissa Heskett

Oh YEAH!! What a FUN EARLY B-DAY present!! =) I LOOK forward to the series of web shows and I am glad that you had a good time!! Sorry your body paid the price for creating art, but its good to know that you were able to rest for a couple days!! =) Have a FABULOUS WEEK I am off to CE for the week!! =) YEAH I can't wait for all of the imspiration and fun!! =)

Sharon Osborn

Oh Christy, I seriously cannot wait for the show to begin! Please take care of yourself this next week. Rest well.


Cannot wait to see your shows!! Will you tell us the website where we can see them? Also, you made me laugh out loud about your burp story! LOL! Sounds like it was hard work with a lot of fun. Cannot wait to see the shows. Congrats Christy!

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