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August 29, 2011



Christy, I just watched your video on My Craft Channel! You look great! Gotta go make a background 'cause you just inspired me!!


I love your blog! I actually saw your work in Artful Blogger. I want to go buy Somerset Studio now! It's all so inspiring! I'm thinking about taking the She Art Workshop! Love everything! :)

Larissa Heskett

YEAH!! Can't wait to hear what magazine your in!!?? HUMM there are so many that are great, but I'm going to guess its something with somerset?? Maybe Cloth, Paper Scissors?? Well I LOVE the canvas pieces!! Can't wait to see more and for the Craft Channel segments to start!! =)


Have a blessed weekend!!

Winnie Dolderer

Hi. I just wanted to say I love your work. I just found your blog after reading the spread in Artful Blogger. I just love your mixed media art. It is new to me, and I love it. I am a cardmaker by hobby so I am learning new things. I took a class by Claudine Hellmuth a few months back and loved it. It is really eye opening. I thought I would let you know the magazine brought new visitors to you..


Oh I love these.. your colors are amazing! I am wondering can you add the "follow by email" option.. so those of us who don't twitter or facebook can get updates of your blog :) thanks hugs

Janeen Steer

Thanks for sharing! I tend to hold back because I don't have a vision of the finished project. Guess that's not necessary. I'll follow your lead and create backgrounds first.
Thank you!

Winnie Dolderer

Such beautiful work! I found you after reading the spread in Artful blogger. The vibrant colors and the beautiful collages really blew me away. I want to do a blog someday for my cards, and you really are inspiring me to do so. Thanks for sharing.

Kirsten K.

that is EXACTLY what I do when I don't know what to do...create tons of backgrounds! Then, when I get inspired or have a great idea I take one of my background canvases and create something!
Love you art ~ truly you are an inspiration!!!


Your blog is healing for the soul Christy! And congrats on your article in Somerset Studio. I picked it up today. Beautiful article. what a great idea about the flip flops! ;0)


Love those pieces you made Christy. How do you attach the fabric, with mod podge also? I like saving old clothing from my kids and i want to start using them in my art, but have no idea how to properly attach it to canvas.

Jen Clark

Love love love all of these!!! You put together the most awesome color combinations and make them look like they were just meant to go together - and then when I try to do the same thing, they just look like a hot mess! LOL I love your work, Christy! You are simply amazing.



"charity" ... beautiiful reminder to have hanging in your home.



Christy, Will you be posting a link to the Craft Channel? I tried to get there and couldn't find them on the web.


Thank you for being so generous and sharing your creatve energy!
You are such an inspiration!


Welcome back to the creative side!! Nice to see your work again xx

Rachel Carlson

you continue to inspire and it makes my heart happy. hugs!


LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You inspire me in soooo many ways. Thank you for always just being you.

Lots of love.


Thanks for reminding me! I used to work numerous canvas backgrounds at the same time, but then I started getting fixated on completing my pieces, so I've been working in my art journal. But when I push it like that, I end up not liking my work. You just reminded me of what works! Thank you;D


Beautiful canvases! I love the patchwork look!

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