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September 28, 2011



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Jamie Shellman

Hmm, you should consider having an automated system that tracks your online inventory real-time. That way, you won't forget to take any product out of it, and he doesn't have to be bothered again. Do you still experience that problem? Even if it's some kind of a minor detail to you, it's important to solve it right away to maintain a smooth flow in operations.

Eniko DeLisle

Pushing my big fat LOVE button!


Hi, Christy! Just stumbled on these videos tonight and you are just such an absolute gem. Thank you so very much for the eye candy and the play and the inspiration. Hoping it'll finally get me to play with my art stuff as I have been seriously neglecting them. Thank you! *hugs*


Thank you so much for the videos. You are always so fun to watch and I learn something new each time. Truly you have the best job ever!


Christy, Christy, Christy!!! I just watched the first few videos of the SheArt One instructions and viewed the pdf files. I am blown away by the thought, attention and LOVE you put into these! Blown away!!!! I've taken many online classes and your videos are by far the best I've seen with the clearest instructions!

Anyone who is on the fence about paying for the SheArt Series should go to the sign up page NOW and sign up. It will be the best money you've spent in a LONG TIME!

Kudos to you! I'm so grateful to have found them. You are a great teacher!



Love your work! Everything you do looks absolutely awesome! Looks like i need to go shopping again!:)


what fun videos, I can't wait for the new workshop...yay1

Christy that canvas with the girl is beautiful to me she looks like a mother nature doll! She is becoming one with nature. Run with it sister ;)


Disappointed, just went shopping and all the stuff you showed in the video that I wanted was out of stock. Would have love to take advantage of the discount offer. May there will be another opportunity when you restock!


Thanks can't wait to go shopping! Have fun on vacation and can't wait for you to return for SHe2 class in Nov


It is so fun to watch you. Lots of great items!! I'll be ordering soon.

Carol W.

I know you are one very busy artist so I am volunteering myself to test products anytime you need (LOL) Love the templates! TFS and for creating such a wonderful place visit. I enjoy reading and seeing the inspiriation her each morning with my coffee in hand!


Can I come work for you?! Please. Thank you for sharing. Im new to all of this but love what Ive seen so far.

Ruth C

Well I totally missed the discount code but with my 2 day migraine that's not surprising. I am happy with the order I placed anyway. Now to find some time to play. Thanks for sharing the inspiration. If my head will behave we have a 36 hour continuous ScrapPink event this weekend and I'm the rebel of course, no scrapbooking here just lots and lots of play time :0)

Carola Bartz

Thanks Christy! These videos are awesome - love them, and they get my creative juices flowing!

Nancy Jones

beautiful LOVE fall colors, Love the new stuff you have gotten in tooo!!!

Angela Fehr

Please, take me on your design team! My long suffering postal worker Meredith could tell you that when a box of art supplies comes in, my bank account makes this slurping down the drain sound, but no one can hear it over the sound of my gleeful girlish giggles!
Unfortunately I'm a watercolour artist who is slightly mixed media challenged. Not giving up though.


LOVE the videos .. although now I want everything that you played with in I also would love to know if you will be selling the Dylusions paints ?! I want them so bad but simply cannot afford the shipping from overseas.
Enjoy your vacation !


your subscribe link still doesn't work.. :(

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