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September 26, 2011



Ah spud harvest, one of those things I really miss about living eastern Idaho!

Dira Reeves



J'adore ses robes .Profitez bien de votre voyage en famille.A bientôt pour les ateliers.


What a great time for you and your family. I hope you thoroughly enjoy it;D

Lisa Ciaravino

Love the new pieces. have a great time on your well deserved family trip.


We homeschool so we always do trips and things during the school year. It's so much nicer and peaceful without all the extra people.

I love these two pieces, your art is always so inspiring. Love it.

Enjoy this time with your family.

Donna L

Enjoy the cruise, your family and the time off! I will miss you but looking forward to the video on products -- always helpful to see things in action!


those dresses are just gorgeous. Have a wonderful holiday.

Barbara H

Good for you, Christy. Have a wonderful family vacation.
Love the dresses on the line. So cute!


Have a beautiful trip with your darling family!


I love these simple dresses. The colors are so vivid and happy. Is this a 6x6 canvas?

Enjoy the cruises are soo much fun!


Enjoy your trip and family time. you all deserve it and less crowds sounds great to me.
I am so looking forward to She Art 2 in November. Enjoy!

Susan Tidwell

Sounds like the perfect family vacation and relaxing to boot! Love the dress canvases.


Have a wonderful trip! Love the dresses on the line! Looking forward to She Art 2. hope these dresses are included. Again, have a great trip.

Dawn B

I hope you have a great time. Cruises are fun. So did you find your cruise info on line or did you have an agent? WAs that the price per person? (I am assuming yes) if so that is totally awesome and I am going to tell my hubby about that. The mexican rivera is a great cruise. I've done it. Love it! Which ship will you be on? My mother and brother in law and some others are going on one out of Florida but its on the largest ship sailing and it is suppose to be huge. I so wanted to go!

Shanna Goodrich

Hope you have a wonderful time and thanks for sharing your creations!

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