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September 12, 2011


הזרקת בוטוקס

Beautiful yarn pattern shared by you here. It's very useful to me. I will try out for this on my next weekend. Thanks for sharing with us your creative idea.

phenter mine

hey it's really awesome no word for this type of picture


Oh, for the LOVE of cuteness!!!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these! And I just saw a pack of small 4x6 canvases at Michaels for only $5 and you get like 10 of them! AWESOME Christy! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

I'm a fan! I'm a really big fan! Wonderful job, as always.

Tracey L Edwards

This is too weird! I just signed up for tatting classes and have been working with that old artform for the past few Saturdays - and now I read you've been playing with yarn too! How cool - I knew I was going to try and use some of my successful projects in mixed media and it was so super to see how you're working with it. FYI, tatting is sort of a cross between crochet and macrame that uses a shuttle or a needle - it's very old and can be extremely beautiful when using finer yarns (sizes 20, 30, etc.). I feel very fortunate we had a guy here locally where I live in the middle of nowhere who is teaching us for free, and he's certified and very patient and passionate about his craft. Now that I've seen your work, it's fired me up even more to try harder to get my work right and finish my homework assignments. : )

Larissa Heskett

I LOVE the different desings and the colors that you used!! =) SO EXCITED about the new class!! I can't wait to create!!

Kathy Dittmer

This is so cute! Love it!


Awesome! you're such an inspiration, makes me want to go and art right now! fab! Mx


These look fun!

Joanne Freeman

Thanks for the inspiration. I better go and buy me some yarn :)


these look so cool, will have to give these a go for sure! Thanks for sharing


sooo cute!!


This is awesome. I think I have to take both of your workshops.

Amy Smith these projects! So pretty! Love the addition of different yarns and twines........truly awesome! I can crochet like the wind but my knitting needs help! Lol I am all thumbs! Thanks for the inspiration! Am looking forward to taking both the She Art classes!

Lynda Metcalf

So cute. I love them. My kids aren't old enough yet to do something like that. In a few years this project will be fun to do.

Sarah Lejeune

cutie pa tutie!


these are beautiful!


Darn little keys on my phone. It's suppose to be ENDEAVORS!


Love all types of fibers. I just need more time or a clone to do all of my artistic enfeebled. Love all your pieces!


OMG...OMG...I love these...x

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