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September 08, 2011


Sherry goodloe

I can hardly wait for November 14th! Getting my supplies all lined up and ready to create with you!


naughty me. as i missed the first one just signed up for both...LOL!! looking forward to getting started. x

phenter mine

Hello. This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations :-)
great information, thanks for sharing it.

Susan Gerdy

Iam over the top excited. I wanted to take this class before but couldn't. So I am taking both now, yippee. Can't wait to get started. Love what you do!! Thanks so much for this opportunity.

trudy Leonard

Hello...I just read your newsletter for the first time, the #1 class really sounds great! Where can I go to find out more information and the cost? Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely, Trudy

What materils would I use? I have never used an online class.


Hi Christy! I'm so sorry that I can't do the She Arts 2 course at the moment! I have absolutely LOVED 'She Art' and 'She Has Three Hearts', and I KNOW I'll love She Arts 2 when I can save some pennies lol! But I just wanted to stop by and wish you all the very best on another wonderful course!
You are FABULOUS, and have opened up my whole world of creativity. THANK YOU sweet girl - and have fun!
Hugs, Shannah xox


I just got me an super fun and full of awesome early birthday present!!!


Me too!! I'm all registered and can't wait for class to start! Christy, will you have a new icon code widget that we can put on our blogs? I always love to share your classes with my readers!

Tracey L Edwards

Can't wait to sign up for this!! WOW - thanks for making my day AGAIN!! How awesome - I've been playing around with some of the things I've learned from you and Somerset's projects and now we get to stretch even more - how exciting!!! Yipee! : )

Tracey Edwards

Frank Zweegers

Looks great!

Denise L

I just signed up for both classes and am very excited to get started. :)


how exciting! I just signed up for both can't wait to start on the first one! so happy you give us three extra months, I just had a baby so I'm definitely going to need time : )


I'm so excited that you are offering both. I've been waiting to do the first class and I'm so glad I did. (procrastination paid off this time,LOL) I'm heading over to sign up.


Christy, I signed up for both classes 2 days ago. My email receipt from Paypal is marked Sept. 9 at 3:45. I haven't received anything about class number 1 or how to get in from you yet. Should I have done something differently? I checked my spam folder and didn't see anything there, either.


Hi Christy, loved all of your classes but the She Art class was definitely my favourite class ever. Ever since it ended I have been hoping you would do a She Art 2!!!!!! I am so excited, November can't come soon enough.

Anychance we could more templates for the girls clothes for whichever size canvas we will be working on pretty please????? Am always worried my proportions are wrong. Other than that please dont't change a thing!


Oh wow...this is so exciting...and I am not done with # 1 yet....I am truly addicted to this.....I love it.


Yay! I'm all signed up and ready! I can't wait, love your classes!

Carol W.

Oh I would love love to take these classes but will have to wait - hopefully when I am able to take them they are still available - Thank you!

Judy Gunsaulis

I paid for both classes, but clicking the button took me directly to Paypal and then after I paid... nothing. Can you get all the info you need to register me from my Paypal payment or was there a signup step that was missed somewhere?

Lynda Metcalf

I'm trying to post this again, so if it's a duplicate, I apologize.

I'm excited and a little bummed. I just signed up for She-Art. If I had waited 10 days I would've been able to sign up for both at your special price :(. Oh well. I do love the class. Your videos are awesome. I just wish they worked on iPad. Hopefully your new course will. Does 3 Hearts work on iPad? I'm considering that course as well. Your videos on your website look so great on the iPad it would be lovely if your e-courses worked on the device too.

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