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October 26, 2011


utah cash for gold

The good side though is that you get to play more levels playing it.


Love your work Christy! So much inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing. =) God Bless

Kim T

Love it .., totally obsessed with your work after seeing it on the Craft Channel! Thanks for such great inspiration.


Just saw your wonderfulHalloween tag video.... Thankyou--and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


Happy Birthday, Christy!!!!!


Christy I just caught your canvas art video on My Craft Channel and wanted to thank you for sharing your techniques and inspiring those of us that are newer to mixed media. I'm loving it!


Cute, cute, cute!! Saw you on The Craft Channel this AM talking about Sparks. You gals have fun...and Ben, too.

Now you hurry back and start the She Girls 2 workshop :-)

Torri Burtenshaw

Love you my dear friend. So loved the video, I am always amazed at how everything is always so cute. you inspire me so much. have a wonderful time in California!!!!!


Fantastic little project! thanks for sharing. x

Mona Pendleton

Gorgeous tag! Love all the color and texture! TFS :)


Thanks for sharing, was fun watching!

Sarah Lejeune

just had a fun escape with christy 12 minutes. thank you for being so real!always puts me in the creative mode! have a safe and fun trip!

Carmen Lucero

Hi Christy, I just love to watch you work - you really get in there and get into your project LOL. Thanks for the inspiration.


Carmen L

Donna L

Oh Christy, love your videos! Hope you have a great time at Spark (did you get all the purple color off your teeth??? lol)

Can't wait to start the She Art 2.

Kirsten Reed

I want your life Christy!!!

Connie L

"Love getting into my studio and playing. I always dread it at first.. to be honest. Because I always leave it so messy.. and I hate going back in to clean it up! But then once I get going.."

This is one of the main reasons I started reading your blog, watching your videos, etc. Thank you for being a real person who, just like me, can't seem to keep work areas and fingers clean! Thank you for being an honest working mom - interruptions from kids and all! Thank you!


Love your videos. I always laugh and feel so at home. Thank you. Can't wait for class to start.

Jennifer Hartsfield

Love watching you---you always make me giggle!!! You are SO messy---love it, and love you!!!!!!

Danee Kaplan

such a sweet little pumpkin. I love it.

fay copeland

I contacted christy and she is going to add the video. fay

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