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October 06, 2011



LOVE LOVE LOVE that art!!!

Dell Richards

Oh Christy, I am so enjoying your blog and the classes I have signed up for! I am so excited to take your She Art classes!

I can't wait to try the glass with UTEE. I just purchased some of that glass the other day! Thanks for all your inspiration!

Tracy Verdugo

Love this Christy! Have fun snorkelling...sounds like you're in paradise right now! ♥


Totally inspired! Looks like lots of fun! Cannot wait for SA2! also, I just have to say that I've watched all the episodes on My Craft Channel this week and yours by far is my favorite!

Teresa Zuehls

Oops I meant My Craft Channel!

Teresa Zuehls

Christy I just discovered your blog from the Create TV Channel. I love it! I don't consider myself an artist but more of a crafter. But after reading your blog and watching your videos it makes me think more artsy things are doable and not as scary as I have always imagined it to be. In fact it seems that it is more freeing than some other forms of crafts. I also checked out your shop and it is so full of awesome stamps, stencils and many other cool things.
Enjoy your vacation with your family!


your subscribe is still not working.. can you PLEASE put a follow by email button on the sidebar.. Thanks


now , i just need to do this....i have everything i need in my is fab....

Jackie, from TEXAS

Great show today! I love canvas.

Mary Susan McConnell

I love it! Thanks for sharing your talent! After discovering your blog, I'm so excited to get back into art again.

Linda Polaretzki

cool - can't wait to learn the technique!!!

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