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October 18, 2011


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Hello sir, I got you by Google search.

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Thank You Very Much For a Nice & Cool Article.

Eunice Mcmahon

I laughed at your article not because it is not so well written. I laughed because of your statement that people thought you own all the kids that you would bring.

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I think this is the best blog I have been through all this day.

Jennifer Blevins

Hi Christy, I would like to try this skin care line. Do I mention your blog when I order to get the discount? How does this work?

Thanks, Christy! Just ordered this morning and looking forward to it. It's not cool to be 39 and have zits AND wrinkles....or at least the beginnings of them. Lol!

Julie Wanda

Just ordered! Can't wait to try this! PS Christy you are adorable! Thanks for being so real!

Donna Carter

Just ordered my kit! Hope your sister is giving you some free products for all these orders! AND please twist her arm to keep us in products at this price!

I'm 50 and so excited to get this!
Thanks Christy!

Ebony van der Starre

Thanks so much for sharing. I am having so many issues with my skin and really need something thats going to to order!

Susan Gerdy

Thanks for sharing this info. What I have been using is just not cutting it. I ordered it today and am exited to get it.
You,re the best. Working on SheArt 1 and looking forward to 2 in Nov. hugs Susan


Chrisy, Thank you and your sister for offering this to all of us women. I was in the process of thinking about getting some new facial products for myself. This came just in the nick of time.

Larissa Heskett

THANKS for sharing Christy!! You are SO STINKIN CUTE!! =) I LOVE how funny you are~~even when you are being serious!! =)
THANKS for the AWESOME DEAL!! Mine is on the way and I can't wait to try this, I've been needing something NEW!!
Have a FABULOUS WEEK I can't wait to create with you this weekend!!

Lori Lewis

Thanks Christy!! Now we can all be even more beautifuly while we "art". I just ordered my kit and am very excited to see what it can do.

Karen Dodson

Thank you thank you thank you Christy!! I am on a quest for the right skincare for my skin! I am definitely going to try this and see if it can get rid of some redness and dark spots I'm getting. Now that I'm in my mid-30's, I am noticing changes in my skin and want to stop it NOW!!!


WOW, looks and sounds really good - I've just ordered and hope it makes its way safely to Australia - thanks you so much.

Pam Staley

Christy, just wanted to post about another product women might want to try along with the skin care. I will be 64 in November, but people never think I am that old. Part of that is because of my grandma's and mom's genes, for which I am grateful. I had one lady tell me she thought I was in my late 30's! Wowza! My sons are 47, 38, and 36! One of my "secrets" is using Suzanne Somers' Facemaster. Another great product to keep us from having wrinkles.

Sharon Osborn

thanks for the information Christy! Thank your sister for the discount too :) Can't wait to try it out, especially the eye cream!

Debi Minter

Thank you Christie for this info. I'm 58 and have just started having terrible problems with my skin the past year or so. I sold Mark Kay for years also, and swear by it. I'm very interested to try this new product and appreciate your blog post... and the video was adorable!!!

Lori Souter


Your timing on this seems to be right on!!! I just ordered! Really hoping that I like it as much as you do! Thanks for sharing!

Hugs to you!

Carmen Lucero

Thanks for the coupon, Christy and her sis!! I will have to wait until I get my SS check at the end of the month, whoopee!! I will definitely try it.

Hugs, and looking forward to your next video.

Carmen L

Kristen I.

Awesome! Thank you for posting this! Going to order :D :D

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