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October 03, 2011



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Eniko DeLisle

Your show is FAB! Great job...I watched both segments. See you in She Art 2!

Heather - Get a Little Creative

You did a great job on your show, Christy! You seem really natural on camera!


alicia king

just watched your show, fun! love your tecnniques that you shared :) can't wait for more!

just wanted to mention...but it's prob. already pointed out? on your main show page...redefined is spelled wrong on your header, oops!

Vânia Abrantes

I've loved so much this post! Have a good fun in your family's cruise! I miss you so much! When do you come for Brazil to give scrapbooking classes again? I always remember you, when i see your layouts in my album. It was good moments...

rachel awes

LOVE the dimensions of your garden.


duh...i should have read juel's post above...THURSDAY IT IS!!!
woooo hoooo


you better tell me when my segment is going to be on because i KNOW i said some really ridiculous things with you...ha! you, on the other hand were PERFECT! i am still over the moon excited for you and oh so happy you are soaking up the sun my friend. love you so much!


How cool! Thanks for the tips. Congrats on your channel!!


This is so wonderful, i can wait to watch the channel


On your wire flower, did you heat the UTEE after mixing it with paint? Way cool look. Love your other flower too. Your card is just fabulous! :0)


Looks like you are on Thursday


looks fabulous and I can't wait to watch the channel!!!!!!!

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