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November 08, 2011


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Hi there, I really like your internet site if I'm honest. Wherever did you will get it built?


I've always been a loser but I've never realized it until a few years ago. Never was good with people, and until very late in life I thought the only way to make friends and please people was to do and be everything they wanted us to. I shaped my personality on that of those I wanted to be friends with. I wasn't myself. So I was bullied, beaten, mocked, taken advantage of and such.

Then there were the parental units. Work took them away a lot, and the little time we spent together was them saying constantly I behaved like a lunatic and if I didn't behave properly I was to be commited to an institution. What a great thing to say to a child, right? My whole family, though small, started to see me this way. I was the crazy one, the child that never said anything that made sense, the child who always had to be watched lest he break, stole or severely damaged anything. Well, movin' on...

Let's see...School: Check; Parents/Family: Check; Work - Check my other story "damned if you do..."; That leaves married life.

I don't have to tell you about my love life, use your imagination under these circumstances. I met my future wife and eight years later we got married. Best and fastest day of my entire life. I later found out that my marriage isn't a partnership, but a domination. She's the dominating one, I'm the dominated one.

So at this point I really start thinking like that famous Demotivator poster with the picture of a sinking ship that says «It may be that your goal in life is to serve as a warning to others.». I looked around and realized that no one respected me, people saw me as a child of 5 in a 30 year-old body, the lunatic mad prankster who never took anything seriously and never did anything right. I had one last chance to prove myself to the world: to have children of my own, to make others around me see that I too could make something right, something beautiful. Then the Doctor told me I couldn't have children. I was sterile. No chance in Hell.

Lisa Sackett

I just found your blog and love it! Your work is amazing. I lost my Dad it he end of Dec'08, just before his bday, just before Christmas. Being a military family we did not live close to home when I got the call of my Dad's massive stroke. I really feel God gave me time time to fly home and say my good-byes, though he remained in a coma to his death. I like to think that he got a glimpse of heaven and didn't want to come back. Thank you for sharing your story, and the song. Since we move a lot we constantly have to find a new church and make new friends, which isn't always easy...but that's also one of the best things about being part of the family of God. I can't begin to imagine how losing your Dad in church must've felt, but isnt it wonderful to know we'll see them again someday-- as opposed to those with no hope. God bless. Lisa


Such a beautiful post. I´ve tears in my eyes now...Wish you a lovely day - filled with a lot of hugs and kisses from those you love! greetings from germany, geisslein

Marianne VanWingerden

What a beautiful, beautiful post Christy! Thank you for sharing what you are learning and being so open and honest. You are one incredable Lady, as always! Love from Marianne


Oh my goodness, Christy. Home sick in bed. Catching up with a lot of emails. Came across yours that linked to this post and video. It absolutely slayed me this morning as I read and watched. So many 'heartbreaks' going on in our lives. Thank you for helping us to see the beauty in them all. It's been a theme of late. You helped to affirm that again.


What a beautiful song and message. There is another celeb that preaches the "SHE" message, but does not live by it--has become a stuck-up crafting snob and wouldn't give anyone a leg up if they needed it. Are you like that? HKS is a hypocrite...if you are not like that then maybe I could try your classes...i have avoided anything with the word "she" in it because of this other woman and the way she treats others. People do make mistakes, it's good if we own up to them. Thx 4 sharing the music.

Diane Noble

We would have been experiencing our father's deaths at the same time, Christy. I just love your transparency and the depth of personal feeling you share here and in your art. Really...the She Art is a way to turn all that our lives encompass into simple reminders that life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart and this powerful video from Hillary. Deeply touching.

Becky J

Dear Christy...thank you for the transparency and honesty of your post...I sobbed through that video and plan to share it with my dearest ones...Just this past summer I had a lifelong friend just walk away(no rhyme or reason) right after my mom was diagnosed with non-hodgkins heart was shattered, but it pushed me into Jesus' loving arms rather than running to the frail human ones I often turn we keep on loving and only focussing on our Savior...thank you for the blessing of your words..thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I'm so glad I decided to come read this blog post today! Thank you for writing it! I've had to go through some very negative experience with family members in the last couple of years. They were never supportive or kind to me, but they were family, so I considered them to be important parts of my life. I've had to realize that I have to distance myself from them, which has been very hard, but what's happened is my other relationships have become so much stronger. I've learned who I can truly trust and depend on, and I've developed some amazing relationships. I've also learned to stand up for myself and listen to myself and to trust that I know what's right. I didn't realize all of this until I read your post!

Christie Travis

Ironic that this is the third time that the beautiful and burned woman has popped up in my life. I just watched Oprah's life class where they highlighted her story, but I had seen it the first time. Its inspirational (no doubt), but I can tell that God is speaking to me through this story. Thanks for sharing this. I hope the meaning will be clearer to me soon...

Larissa Heskett

THANKS SO MUCH for sharing!! I too think that we sometimes forget to see the good that comes from heartache!! I REALLY LOVE this song and I can't wait to check out more of her music!!

Liz Sawyer

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have a couple friends going through heartbreak of one form or another so I passed this beautiful song and your stories along...

sandra de

What a wonderful and inspiring message.


Unbelievably beautiful and such an awesome way to say that GOD IS LOVE, MERCY, AND GRACE.


wow! Thanks Christy for sharing this video!

Sarah Lejeune


Ann Dunlop

Thank you for sharing this again Christy. It takes me back to my father's death in 1995 and my mother's death in 2002. I sat with her and held her hand while she died. While it was almost too much for me to handle at the time, I am so grateful that I was the one who was there with her. We never know when a seemingly awful situation will later turn into something more positive, or at least bring with it something to learn.

marty flowers

Thank you so much for sharing...I love how real you are ....It is such a gift from God. Her video was beautiful and very needed today...It is always amazing to me that God can take the ashes of our lives and make something beautiful with them....

Incredibly Grateful


Have a nice day!

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