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November 30, 2011



Use eucalyptus oil to remove the sticker :)


I was looking for inspiration for my art journal today and I found someone talking about My Craft Channel. :) I found your videos and then came here and watched this one, too. I have so many ideas now. Thank you! I love your philosophy and positive attitude... you're loving everything you try and there is no "Oopsie!" or "Oh, no. That didn't work out the way I wanted it to." Super inspiring. :) Thanks for taking the time to share your infectious joy with us!

Lisa Ciaravino

Another great video! I found flip flopsat the dollar store for 25 cents! I heated the bottoms up and stamped into them, now I have more stamps for texture.


I love using things I hav elaying around my house for my art.

You probably know this but let the kids' toy sit in hot water and the sticker will come off easily.

Thanks for being so inspiring!

Teresa Cash

Christy-I love your videos. Everything you do seems sooooooo easy! Maybe if I keep watching a practicing it will become as easy for me, too. Do you remember where you got your platic doillies?


Would you PLEASE use a darker text color? It's very difficult to read.



CHRISTY..HAPPY HOLIDAYS FIRST OFF...It is so funny, just a few weeks ago somewhere in my cyber crafty explorations I ran across Sommerset magazines AND I actually ordered several back issues. WOW...what a great resource for inspiration.And it was so funny, because some of the things I saw in there, honestly reminded me of you and how creative you are with just about anything that you happen to find. And no wonder they asked you to do something for them. I loved this have always helped me go beyond my limits....hats and all. So thank you for being YOU and sharing all these fun ideas. HUGS.


So Funny.. Last week the dog ate a flip flop and so I hauled it to the craft room and used it as a design.


just poke the holes out of the sticker ;)


wow, how cool is this. very inspirational!!!

Lillian Mederak

It was in the September issue
BUT i remember trying the link at the time and it would not work so i did try again today with no luck

Andrea M. Harris

Do you know for sure that it was the september issue?


Got it ~ Thank you. Always love when I get an email from you.


I am sorry about your trip but so glad you are sharing with us. The video got as far as your husband buying string and now it won't play any further. Help me!


Christy, glad you have a few unexpected days to yourself :) How about creating the video for the Dec Mixed Media kit, unless being so organised you've done it????

Off to watch the above video, thank you for sharing. Can't get enough of watching you create.

Darlene S.

Very nice video! Who woulda thunk to use household supplies? :) Thanks for the ideas!


More great ideas for household items...going to pillage my kitchen now ;0)! If you need any tour guide info for your Hawaii visit give me a shout out!!

Donna P.

I get sooo excited every time I get email about your tutorials, LOVE them! Really enjoying your She Art 2 class and can't wait for the Christmas class to start!

Linda Polaretzki

thanks for the new ideas using more products from around the house for texture!! You rock!

Amber Stull

HONEY?! Where's the cheese grater and spatula?! teeheehee (gonna clean out that junk drawer!)

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