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November 17, 2011



Awe,the kit is sold out!

Tia G

Beautiful Idea! Mixed Media Kit. Thank you!


Love it!! My friends and I wish we could get these kits each month to Australia for a resonable price. Great idea to produce a video showing what to make with the kits, we are so inspired by you Christy!

Amber Stull

Will we be able to sign up for the kits starting in December!? You need to stock up chicky!! Us procrastinators keep getting left out :( lol BTW, I like fast forward mode because I can see a project start to finish without watching an hour long video (and besides, I've taken your classes and you go into more detail there.. :) )


Unbelievably cool! Just got home and my box was waiting... Can't wait to play! Thanks for sharing your beautiful gifts with us!


you are so fun to watch. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your talent with us all.

Rebecca B.

I LOVE your bracelets :)

laura huffman

love your creative energy. you are so fun. what a gift to have your room cleaned by someone who obviously loves you. so nice to give of oneself. they've been taught well. gotta go and sign up for the ornaments class. can't wait. so excited for Christmas this year. love making my own decor. enjoy your weekend.

Kim  Evans

Love it! Cute Canvas!

Larissa Heskett

LOVE that you made this such a FUN and RANDOM piece!! All of the different colors that are UNEXPECTED are what draws me to this piece!! THANKS for sharing and for being such an AMAZING person to watch!! =)

Karen Dodson

Christy...I don't know how you do it! You are a creative genius!! Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration! I got my MM kit today and can't wait to play!!


Christy, love the idea of a Mixed Media kit but with you doing a project each month I'm sold.

In all the years I've been into crafting I have never subscribed to a kit because I know it would just sit there gathering dust BUT with you doing a canvas showing what can be done I'm in :) Thank you for sharing your art with us. Can't wait for the December kit!

dani johnston

Love it! Got my kit today and am so excited to play!!


I love your work!
Im a scrappy girl from sweden who has done my first canvas after watching you videos for HOURS! ;)


OMGoodness I LOVE YOU and your Work! I can't wait for the kit either!!!

Sandi T

Beautiful tutorial Christy! Can't wait to get the kit! Yeah!

Wanda H

I enjoyed the video very much!!! I need to go back and watch all the videos that came before I found your blog... time.... Thanks so much!!!!


wow-this was fantastic-the video was an awesome introduction for me into mixed media!!! fun stuf!

Audrey Meijs

Love the kit! Thank you for your tutorials!


What a great demonstration. I had so much fun watching & am really inspired - thank you!

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