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November 17, 2011


Dawn B

Oh I so want one! I know, it's sold out! :-( so, how do I join the club?

Dottee O.

As always,!!


Love it!

Rita Timmons

Christie - this is awesome! I love your videos because I can go into my craft room and make something similar. I can't wait to try making this canvas too... THANKS!


Oh the kit is already sold out :(


I have buying so many canvas's of all sizes on sale at the craft stores and can't wait to start making all that you continue to open my eyes up too! Loving the She Art classes and hoping I can get the next Mixed Media kit. What sweet girls - even if it wasn't Allie's idea she still did it. Awww!


Ok Christie, NO fast forward mode! I like to watch every aspect in real time so I can grasp how to do it! :)


Can't wait to get mine...SO glad I ordered it! Love your videos and already found a book to re-purpose from the show on my craft channel today too!

Teri Drew

Love it, love it!!! Dang I wish I would have gotten that kit. I'm going to sign up for the next!!


Wow what thoughtful girls. So derserving of this beautiful work of art I am sorry to hear you are not feeling so well take care of yourself too. What an Amazing amazing video. I think i will watch it again again. Our long xmas break is comimg up here in australia. I will be signing up for sheart 2 i think.

Sherry C

So excited for my kit to arrive! Gorgeous project! :)


Love, love, love it...I wish shipping to Europe wasn't so much.

Liane Townsend

A very special gift, what sweethearts. Love the November kit canvas, adorable! I missed the November kit but maybe I will be quick enough to get the December kit. lol I signed up for the She Art, She Art 2 and the Christmas classes, and ordered boxes of art supplies from Scarlet Lime. Soooo much fun I am having and learning so much as well! Christy, you are a phenomenal teacher and artist. Thank you for sharing your heart and art with me. You have put a skip in my step!


Love it! What is the doodle pen you use?


Do you think you will do a Christmas or holiday themed project? I have fallen in love with mixed media but not sure where to go with for the holidays....still in the infant stage where I need to copy you :) Thanks for all you are doing and can't wait to jump in the next project. Love it!!

Donna L

Cannot wait to get my hands on my MM kit (I got the email saying it was on it's way) and now that I see your inspiration, even more so. I don't know how you do all that you do - THANK YOU. So happy to hear that those sweet girls cleaned up your studio for you! So get in there and make a mess, I love to see the results!

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