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November 24, 2011


Suzanne Hearing

Hey Christy! BOY! Did I need to hear your blog today. I have my 3 teenage girls home today- one from college- and my hubby and I was gettin kinda cranky because they are making messes as fast I can clean them up! I am a real neat freak! I came in my office to check FB and let myself calm down and found your thoughts on family and being a mess together. You are so right! I would much rather have all of them here with me, making messes, while I cook, then being all alone today or any day for that matter. We are blessed beyond measure to have loving hubbies and precious children. YOU made me put everything back into perspective. Thank you Sweetie. Enjoy your day and know that you touched a heart-mine!

Beth H

Happy Thanksgiving, Christy! Although, I will be with most of my family tonight, the one I will miss the most is my son who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. That family is so noisy and needy when they're around but you DO miss them when you're gone. Seems like there should be a happy medium - not too noisy and not too quiet!! Hugs to you!

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