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November 24, 2011


Brooklyn Langley

True! The little things in our life are what count the most. I am grateful for my kids who make my everyday not so ordinary and common.

Karen D.

Isn't it funny how life works? I work 4 days a week and on the weekends, sometimes all I want is a little peace and quiet,but when my hubby and I get a rare night alone with the kids at my parents, all I can think about is how much I miss them. I love my crazy,wonderful life!!

Larissa Heskett

WOW!! I LOVE how open and honest you are!! Even about the most personal parts of your everyday life!! You are VERY INSPIRING and even more so in person!! =) (I got to meet and create with you in your class at Spark!!) Just LOVE you even more after getting to meet you!! =) So THANKS for sharing and for reminding us that even though we may feel OVERWHELMED at times with the HUSTLE and the BUSTLE of our everyday lives that GOD has it planned just right~~we are LUCKY and should be THANKFUL for all that we have because we probably wouldn't like it anyother way!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)


so well put sweet lady...
have so much fun in puerto rico!!

Cheryl Waters

Love this sweet picture and hearing about all your adventures! Warmest love!


Happy Thanksgiving, Christy !!!!

Julie Maples

I apologize for my typing. I am using my new I-pad and have not quite mastered the keyboard! LOL!

Julie Maples

Wow! I felt as if you were writing my story. Lastbyear I did the same thing, stayed home ton paint whole my husband went to his family in Alabama. We have three under 5. I did not start until I was 38. Unfortunately the good Lords plan was not for me to marry young . I would have had more, at least one. I myself am the second oldest of 7. My husband is just like yours - always attacking me! He is always ready to tickle and do other things ( wink, wink). However, I need time to wake up! Anyhow I was just thinking before I read your post how I never regretted staying home. I truly enjoyed thebtime to reflect and me productive. I only get a few hours a week to be creative with the kids around. But that is ok, I would never rush it. I consider myself a practicing artist right now. I mainly do pieces to give as gifts- baby, birthday, family and friends who do not have much art. I love mixed media, acrylic mostly but love to dabble in all mediums. I love love texture and creating pieces with character. I just love it, and I love you , I first met you in Somerset Studio. Now I read the
Worshop, Apprentice, digital studio. I just joined your site. I found through Pinterest. I was giggling with delightbwhen I saw you have a blog and now workshops! I will sign up for them all. I admire you greatly and I thank you thank you for sharing your ideas. Thank you because I find you so inspiring!


Oh how the comments about the snuggly husband hit home. Mine is the same way and I always tell him he is stealing my oxygen. ha ha He is a soldier and during deployments and times away I miss the "attacks" that I am not always so nice about. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for our loves.


Hi Christy,

I've never been to your blog before, or even heard of Scarlet Lime. I came here from your sponsorship of Ali Edwards blog. I read this post and it resonated with me. My Facebook status yesterday read, I hate Saturdays - why? Because sometimes the chaos and drama twin 6-year old boys can create (aided and abetted by their father who sometimes seems like he's only 6!) is almost too much for me to cope with. I crave silence, yet as you point out it is the drama of everyday that makes it so very special. I'm an Aussie so we don't celebrate thanksgiving, but I am certainly thankful for my boys and for finding your blog. I have bookmarked you and will definitely be back.


Lisa Ciaravino

It's nice to have quiet once in awhile. This is the year I have been dealing with the empty nest syndrome and I have to say I miss the noise, the ruckus and having my kid's around. I m so thankful this holiday they all came home and that brings me so much joy. I know sunday night when they have all left and the house is quiet I'll go through my grieving process and patiently wait for Christmas when we can do it all again.

Linda Robison

This post was beautiful and made me realize sometimes God doesn't give you what you want, but what you need ;-) Thank you for sharing a peek inside your beautiful life, you are truly blessed (except maybe for the tickling) LOL.

Judi Weldon

Dearest Christy
I strongly suspect the person you were meant to serve on Thanksgiving was yourself. a quiet time to reflect on yourself, your life and the people in it.

laura huffman

you have an amazing husband and family. how lucky to be able to appreciate them too. the only Christmas I missed was because I had the flu. yuck, laying in bed eating crackers and thinking how sad I was that everyone was going to feast and enjoy each others company. hope you get those deadlines finished. quit reading this and get back to work. kidding.

Tia G.

Happy Thanksgiving, Christy! I, too HATE being tickled.


A beautiful post Christy, filled with beautiful thoughts and conclusion- I hope your Thanksgiving evening was a happy one ,too!
Hugs from Dorthe

Liane Townsend

A glorious post, always from the heart, love that about you. You are loved by so many you are never really alone... Happy Thanksgiving Christy. I am thankful for you.

Susan King

What a wonderful post. Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to you.


What a lovely blog entry. There have been weekends when my son is gone to his dad's and my husband is in CA visiting his kids and I'd look forward to those weekends. Peace and quiet. But by Saturday I'd have enough and want them home. lol Enjoy your quiet "me" time.

Christie R.

Happy Thanksgiving Christy and family. How nice it is to be reminded that as much as we may not like all the responsibilities sometimes, who would we be without our families (and friends). I'm thankful for mine, and thank you again for helping me remember that!

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