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November 04, 2011


Gina Bottom

This course sound absolutely like what I have prayed to participate in.

Eniko DeLisle

Many years ago, when I was a single mom & making ends meet by working 3-4 jobs at a time, one of my customers at my bartending job said,"Whatever you do, don't waste your talents" stuck with me for all these years. Now 20-or-so years later, I am still trying o connect with my gifts. I sure do need the help...


Although I would love to take this course - I honestly don't think it would even come close to helping.... autism cancer death mental retardation too much in one lifetime... I did watch the video I have to admit, and if I might ask for it as an anniversary/Christmas gift b/c my husband never knows what to get for me.... I thank you for offering a free spot on your blog - I am glad I found your blog today - I congratulate the winner in advance. I think it could truly change the life of someone - and hoping it does for many. More things like this need to be available for people who have been through numerous trauma events and keep happening over and over again. If it makes one day better - then it was worth it. I might share this with one of my facebook friends going through a hard time.


I would love, love, love to win a spot in the class! Thnx for the opportunity!

Jen @ Lita's World

OOHHH how exciting!! I would love to take Jeanne's class as I'm always looking for reasons to get creative...the more reasons the better!

Jan Shore

I am trying to find my way, having "lost" who I thought I was due to an illness that bends me to my knees at times (I know, what better position from which to pray)now, I seek the woman I truly am and who I will become. I am always seeking the wise guide. For these reasons I would love to participate in this class.

Danette Munn

This looks like so much fun.

Stephanie Singleton

This is awesome Christy! I would be happy to see any one of the beautiful ladies here win!

Sarah Lejeune

oh my oh my oh my oh oh oh oh my my my!!!!!:) Yes please!!!!!


Just when you think you seen it all more beautiful stuff appears! Is art not wonderful. I can hardly sleep for the joy!!!


I am loving these classes and loving you - I am so grateful to the wonderful friend who introduced me to the world of Christy Tomlinson! I'm working my way thru all your classes - and am excited about the creativity that is flowing! You are truly a blessing Christy!

nancy smith

What a wonderful class this will be!


I'm just learning about mixed media art and would love to take this class to learn more and be creative in other ways.

Maureen Ball

First of all I would like to tell you how awesome your work is and it's so nice that you are giving away such a wonderful gift to people. I would love to be among the lucky winners. I love how the class teaches you about creativity and techniques while touching your soul.

Michelle Field

I think this course would help give me new perspective in my art, I feel like I am only skimming the surface, like I haven't really found who I am as an artist ( a bit embarrassed to even use that term really!) so I would feel really blessed to have someone like Jeanne perhaps give me some guidance.


OMG! Please enter me, if it is anything like the she art class, it is going to be awesome!

Kelley Fewer

I love your work, so a chance to be involved in something with you, however small a part you have, is great!

Shine on!


Love the look of this. Might be just what this girl needs. Huge hugs

Peg H

Some where along the way I lost who I am . I want to find it a be me again, full of excitement in my art. I'm hoping this class will get me back.


I would love a place in this workshop it sound amazing

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