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November 04, 2011


Mary Pat Randall

I really want to rediscover my talents. After years of working in government my gifts disappeared. This would be a wonderful opportunity to explore and grow again!


Looks like a fabulous course...can't wait for January! I need some new inspiration in my life.

Judith Rigg

I would love to take this class as I am just getting more into mixed media and loved your she art workshop. This class looks really internesting and will perhaps send me in a differne direction


Wow, the class seems fantastic. Lessons we could all use more of! :)


I love her style and her spirit...I'd love to take this class! Thanks for a chance to win a spot!


This sounds like the course for me! It's been a tough year and a little bit of soul searching and re-affirmation won't hurt :)

Val Hebert

Christy, I too am glad you are learning to listen to your body and R E S T! I'm so sad to miss your She Art Workshop. I had so hoped to take it, but Fall is my busy craft show time, and I can't possibly fit another thing on my plate right now. But, I'd love to take this workshop in January! I'm keeping my fingers crossed :o)+
x, Val


This class sounds like exactly what I need at this point. Thanks for this opportunity to win a spot. Betsy

Claire Baisley

I love both of your art and styles - and I need to LET GO!!! Please I clued me in the draw! Claire Baisley : claireready at gmail dot com


Willing to put my soul into this workshop. This mixed media stuff is giving chocolate and retail therapy a run for it's money. :0)


Oh no! Looks like I might have been too late for this opportunity. Oh well, it sounds like a wonderful course. I would love to be a part of it.

Holly White

I would love a spot in the workshop because I KNOW there is an untapped artist inside me dying to get out and CREATE.


I'd love to be in this classroom....Loved the titles of the weeks and her style too.

belinda seymour

Christy-looks great-count me in too please


I would love to be able to take an online class. I've been drooling over everything I see on here but economically haven't been able to let myself spend the money. Winning a spot would be an incredible opportunity to grow in my new found love of exploring all kinds of art! Thanks so much for the chance.

Linda Horton

Glad to hear you are feeling better.
I would love to win a spot in this new Creatively made workshop.
I am also looking forward to the She Art 2 workshop starting soon.

Linda Robison

Wow I'm really trying to find my way - inside and out. I'm trying to find my niche, and want to bring my faith into it but don't have a direction yet. This course sounds perfect! Thanks for the chance to win ;-)


I am just loving online workshops and would love to have a chance to try this one out. Thanks for the chance to win a spot.

Mandee Gillen

This class seems like a soul searching class. I think that this class is an amazing opportunity to reach deep and find out who I truly am and why I create the way I do. I think it will teach more than just the art, more than just being creative but digging in deep and finding out who I really am. Thank you for the opportunity, I would love a chance at winning.

Claudia Azucar-White


How exciting!!I can tell this class will be totally awesome. I fell in love with Mix Media after taking my first class with Christy T. this past October in La Jolla, CA. Now I am completely hooked!!!
Thanks for the chance to play.

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