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November 04, 2011



Sounds like such a great workshop!!!


What a new and joyful program! To let blossoming what is inside of me...hum hum .
Thanks for sharing Christy :)

Brenda N

This looks like an amazing workshop! Thanks for sharing the chance to win a seat with us.


Sounds wonderful! would love to take this course.


Am I too late to enter this contest? I want to enter because I am brand new to this, but God keeps tell me to pursue this. I am 37 and a stay-at-home mom to some kids, one with special needs. What little I have made is all based around God but I feel like I am very limited in my work because this is new gift He has brought into my life. I've only taken baby steps the last two years, but now he's asking me to really go for it and use him as my muse. Thanks and blessings to all!

Sue Pierson

I hope I get picked. It sounds like what I need to feel better about my self and my art.


Thanks for the amazing opportunity to win!! Loving online classes to enhance my mixed media art. This one would be awesome.

Erin B

I would so love the chance to win! The topics covered sound like something every creative woman should learn - especially letting go. That's what I need to learn, letting go and learning to embrace the changes that come from letting go.


This sounds like an amazing course! I would love to win a spot to help build up my confidence in my art.


Thanks for the oppotunity to win a spot in this class. I 've been digging deep these last couple weeks trying to focus on all that is good in my life while dealing with a bit of adversity


Wow - this looks amazing! I think it's too late to enter to win a spot in the class but I'm leaving a comment just in case!! Thanks for sharing this great opportunity!


Sounds AMAZING!!!

Ashley Brown

Oh wow what a fantastic class. I would love to take it! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

Pam Kientz

Wow, what gorgeous projects!

Debbie Barnhill

Would love to win a spot in Jeanne's class. Always looking for new ideas to spark my creativity. Thanks for offering the give-away!!

Susie West

This looks like a fabulous class. Thank you for giving us all the chance to win a place in this class. I'm so looking forward to the start of She Art 2.

Jody U

That class looks amazing - just another avenue to explore - thank you for the chance to earn a spot at the workshop!

Sandi M

Watching Jeanne's video I see so much kindness in her personality. I'd love to spend 4 weeks of my creative journey with a person like her as my guide. Thanks for a chance to participate.


OOh pick me, pick me! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to really stretch ones wings artistically. I have enjoyed your workshops Christy and would love to try something new.

Cheers Debbie

kellie scully

This workshop sounds like A wonderful cleansing of the soul. We all could use that once in a while, and through art! Even better! Would love to win a spot, I would enjoy this workshop sososo much ! <3

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