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November 11, 2011



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Tia G

Very cool post! Thank you!

Sonia  **Sony**

Wow! Wonderful creations.
Greetings from Puerto Rico


I thought this was starting this week but I haven't received an email yet since paying. :(

Jan Reckers

Oh no! Will it not be available again until 2013??? I was hoping to take it later next year like it says above, but this morning's email says not until Feb. 2013! Could you clarify please??? Thank you...would hate to miss out, but can't take it right now.

Michelle Eberhart

Looking forward She Art 2 and learning more wonderful techniques from Christy!

Sherry goodloe

Open open open ..... Sooooo looking forward to Monday to get the sign in link! LOVED the first workshop!


Hi Christy,

I'm excited to take your She Art 2 workshop. I really enjoyed the style and content of She Art 1. I signed up on 11/11, but I haven't received my confirmation and link to the class yet. I know the class begins tomorrow so I don't want to miss out on a minute of it!!!


Victoria K

Oh so exciting! In week 2 of she art class 1!! Loving this infectious art form! Christy your easy way and fab teaching and mad passion make me wanna dump all else in my life and focus on this!! Don't think Hubs would like that much tho!!! Thanks Christy!!! Wooot!

Debbie Ellerd

Congrats to the winners and I know this is going to be so much fun and I just can't wait!! So looking forward to doing another class with you Christy!!!


Oh I am so looking forward to she 2. I'm still playing with she 1 I stated she one late but she two will be amazing. Love, love, love these classes.
Congrats to those very lucky winners. Enjoy those classes too.
Can't wait till Monday

logan wilhelm

Can't wait, looking forward to learning lots more creative stuff! Thanks Christy for helping all to broaden our creativeness....bring it on!


Wohoooo! Can´t wait to learn moore about She Art!!! Hugs from Ulrika!


Can't wait. When do we get our psswords...that day?

Liane Townsend

I could not find a supply list for the She ART 2 class! Help! lol

Linda Robison

Our girls have faces? This is gonna be FUN!!!!


I'm signed up and looking forward to it :0)!

Meribeth Gillespie

I'm happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy........yippee, wahoo, zippity do da!


Larissa Heskett

So can't wait for SHE ART 2 to start!! I am ready to CREATE!! THANKS for sharing and for the chances to win and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

Joni Kix-Moore

I'm signed up and I'm ready!

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