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November 01, 2011



November is something which makes my veins excited at this very moment.

Heather Fiore

ahh sorry they are there but i can't erase them all now LOL sorry bout that they did not show up for me at first :)




:) where in the world do my posts go??


I was fairly sure I posted here but its not here..trying to find anyone who is going in Feb to join us on our FB group look me up! Heather Kumpf Fiore!


So looking forward to it admit kinda started to cry reading it knowing I am going to be there! Is anyone else here signed up because I started a private FB group of those going and I only have 5 in there so far.. Find me on FB Heather Kumpf Fiore. We would love to "meet" you before we go!!!!! xoxo

Tracy F.

SO sad is sold out so quickly! Loved hanging out with you, Donna and Margie this past May at Inspired. PLEASE do another one this coming May! It's my Spring tradition!!

Sarah Lejeune

golly that sold out soooooo quick! :( Do another one!!!! Looking forward to nov. 14th!:)


Beyond excited! I can't wait until February!!

Liane Townsend

I cannot image a better time than with you two. Love ya both! I hope all of you have a stupendous time. I can't wait for the videos and/or pics! Liane

Pam C

I do hope you're coming back to NC soon. I would been the first to sign up but I'll be out of the country welcoming a grandson! The southern states are full of women who love papercrafting!

Dawn B

Wow, just got your post, clicked on the link and its already sold out. Dang!! I wish you'd do something like this in the Boise area:) I would so help coordinate everything (hint hint wink wink)

Congrats on your successes this past year and near future.


Oh, I so wanted to be a part...I'll add my vote for another one PLEASE??!! I would LOVE to meet both of you in person, and grow creatively as well!


This sounds amazing. I am jealous of those lucky 20 that were able to sign up. I hope you will do it again!

Larissa Heskett

Well guess this shows that you NEED to this AGAIN!! =) THANKS for sharing and I KNOW you will all have TONS of FUN!! =)


Hope you do it again, I just read your email clicked the link and it's "sold out". Enjoy!! :)


Oh I am so sad, sold out and I was so looking forward to my two favorite girls who have really got me started in Art Journaling and Mixed media. Can't wait till She Art 2, so wish it was started this week already!

Julie Williams

Well, I wanted to sign up but work all day and by the time I checked your blog it was already full. I would love the opportunity to sign up for another one in the future!!! Til then, I am signing up for your online class and am so excited about doing canvas' I have been dreaming about ideas and who I can make them for!!

Liz Floyd

How can this possibly be sold out on the first day? Please plan another one! I'm sooooo disappointed!!!

Jeanne Kelly

Wow - sold out already...really???
We need more events on the east side of this nation!!

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