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December 19, 2011



I love your hair blonde! I enjoy that show too and so exciting for you!!


You look awesome as a blond!! The show sounds like it will be a ton of fun! Good luck.

Debra fun that show will be. I love cupcake wars. You will rock!!



You look fantastic as a blonde and sooooo rested!
Can't wait for you to be in the Crafter Throwdow - you will blow the other contestants away and we'll all be watching and cheering for you!

Larissa Heskett

I can't wait to see the show!! I LOVE CUPCAKE WARS and I'm sure you made the cut!!
I LOVED the pictures and Maui is FABULOUS!! We went on our Honeymoon and will be going back forsure some day!!


Wow! Hawaii sounds like it did you good! And to get that awesome email about Crafter Throwdown...I so hope you are a contestant! I would love to see you throw it down! All sounds great, congrats!


You look beautiful. I like your blonde hair. Glad you are feeling better too. I just thought I would mention this, but have you ever heard of practicing transendental meditation for your fybromayalgia ??? Years ago I used to be palgued with costochondritis, sort of a painful swelling of the ribcage membrane. It would last for months sometimes or I could get injected into my ribs with steroids ( expensive). I was sometimes bedbound for days. Long story short, someone recommended TM and it made a huge difference and also in other areas of my life. I have not had costochondritis in over 15 years. I just thought I would mention it. If it didn't help with that, it has made a big difference anyway and I am so glad I learned this technique.
Have a happy holiday!!

Laurie M

aaaack...I just contacted the new show...Thanks for putting the info out there!!


That's a great picture of you, Christy, and the blonde colour really suits you. Glad to hear you had a nice relaxing vacation!


So glad you had a wonderful trip. Congrats on your new venture...can't wait to see the show! :)

Pat Healey

Hawaii was just what you needed and I'm glad you had such a fun time - it really is a magical place. Good Luck with the Craft Challenge -you are perfect for that show!
Have a wonderful holiday with your family.

Barbara Moore

Wonderful that you got that much needed R&R! I have fibromyalgia too among other things. I know you'll make the cut for the craft show so I'll congratulate you now!

Hugs XX


Love the hair!! Love that you may get to be on a super coolio show!!! Merry Christmas amazing girl!!!

Lisa Castillo

Hey there girlie...your hair is fabulous! Glad you got to destress in beautiful Hawaii...the ocean has the effect. I just know you will make the cut for the craft show and can't wait to watch! Take care!


Hawaii?!?? Looks amazing!!!

Barbara H

1st of all your blonde is beautiful. Fingers crossed for your tv show too.
You look completly relaxed in that photo and that is why Maui, especially Kehei is so magical. My favorite place to go. Long morning walks, lots of beach time, a little exploring and come home refreshed and renewed. The aqarium there is a favorite too.
I have to tell you, I made adorable little ornaments with glass and clay and kids pictures in them for all my friends and family. They turned out so darned cute. Thanks again for that amazing class.

Samantha Wales

Oh, and I love our hair! Perfect color! Not overly blond and not too dark. You are lucky you can pull off all of the colors you do. I do not look good as a blonde.

Samantha Wales

Christy I have been having major problems with my fibromyalgia since July, so I know your pain. I'll have to tell my husband that all I need is a trip to Hawaii!!! I am going to try and do a girls weekend after the first of the year. That should help. I've also started getting deep tissue massages and I think that is goi g to help too.

I am so glad you had such a great trip. I don't know you "in person" but just from what I see with your businesses and traveling for work and taking care of your family and making time for girl time YOU AMAZE ME!!!!! I don't know how you do it. I need to learn how to push through the pain
more. I get kind of down on myself because there are so many days I feel useless because I just can't hardly move or accomplish anything. I am hoping that I can get some weight off so that I will hopefully have less symptoms. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, no major issues now at all from it (other than tightness and irritation in the scar tissue in my ankles and tightness in my shoulders and neck). I've also been diagnosed with TMJ, PMDD, ADD, CP, osteoarthritis, chronic sinus problems, asthma, Raynaud's Phenomenon and my husband wants me to have an MRI on my back because I can't stand for more than five minutes without my lower
back hurting and going numb feeling and it spreads down my bottom and further down my legend that is similar to the problem he has had with his L5 S1, that he had surgery on two weeks ago tomorrow.

I just want to be able to lead a normal life and do more with my family. I am seriously considering lap band surgery. I eat well, most of the time, and just can't seem to take the weight off. I know it's because I don't move enough. I WANT to move more!

Sorry about my little pity party. I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip and I ope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Donna L

What an awesome trip - glad you had time to unwind. What a great opportunity to be on the craft throwdown, I would definitely watch that. Safe Travels, Merry Christmas!!


good luck!! what channel is this going to be on?

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