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December 07, 2011


vintage wedding bands

I love this post! great writing, thank you very much for ahring your thoughs with all of us! Do you by any chance sell your painting? I would love to know if so.


My sister is a beginning photographer and this would be such a great present for her. My favorite tradition is cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning!

cat lacigale

this is a very kind thing to do. These bags are gorgeous !


am I allowed to enter???
My favorite tradition is playing canasta with the whole family while pigging out on candy!! Gonna miss that this Christmas. :(


I love the bags to cute!! What Talent!! My favorite tradition is driving home from Thanksgiving dinner singing Christmas carols with my parents. We have been doing it since I was a little girl which was just yesterday ;-) lol

Catherine C R

My mother 'makes' us all come home to help her make 3 batches of fudge. Every year. Without fail. Sometimes I feel stressed by it, but then being in the kitchen with my siblings, laughing as we stir, I realize nothing is more important. Thanks for the chance to win!


This is such a lovely bag. I love things that serve a purpose, but are beautiful, too.


I hope I'm not too late to enter. My favorite family tradition is to read "The Night Before Christmas" before I go to bed xmas eve. As a child, my parents experimented with different religions. For a few years we were Jehovah's Witnesses, who do not exchange gifts. It was difficult as a child to be excluded. During this time, a teacher gave me this book to remind me of the joys of xmas. To this day, it is my favorite Christmas present.

Danette Munn

How beautiful and exciting. Hope to win.

Wanda H

The bag looks wonderful!!! thanks for the chance to win one!!! One thing we do is have cheese, crackers, and meat along with goodies and sparkling juice on Christmas Eve while we watch a new movie.

Jan J.

I don't know if it is too late to enter but I am going to try! Christmas is kind of a sad time for me and I have not been great about establishing traditions for my kids. We usually choose the movie we most want to see and go see that and we open a special gift early so we don't have to wait to give ALL of it LOL!

jennifer h

Love it!! One of our Christmas traditions is all wearing matching pjs Christmas Eve night.


My new favorite Christmas tradition is the "Elf on the Shelf." I love the wonder and excitement my son shows every morning as he discovers to where the elf has moved.


I have been looking at camera bags and this one is sdorable. Hope you had a fabulous vacation.


Love it! The inside is awesome!! Love getting together at my mom's with all the Family for Christmas Eve.

Larissa Heskett

AWESOME!! I'd LOVE to win!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!!
Our Holiday is ALWAYS celebrated on my DAD'S Birthday!! =)
Yep he was a Christmas Miracle!! =)
So we get to celebrate (BIG) we give THANKS for BABY Jesus and for the LIFE he gave to my dad!! We always start off with Midnight mass and then all of us kids and our families spend the night at the farm!! We wake up and make breakfast get the chores done around the farm and then cook for lunch. We then celebrate with B-day cake and sing once for Jesus and then once for my dad!! THen we get to open presents starting with dads b-day presents first. We have a BLAST and are SO GREATFUL to the blessings we have EACH and EVERY YEAR=)

Linda Burton

Christmas day has become a special time just for my husband, myself and our children (2 plus now our beautiful daughter-in-law). We spend time with all other family christmas eve and boxing day. It's beautiful.


superrrr cute!!!!! love it!!! We make cookies every year to give out to our friends and family in cute little buckets that we decorate with ribbon and a little poem. :)

Gina Tompkins

Just bought a new camera. This would be great!!!!


One of our traditions is to make sure to have our family photo taken with Santa - even as adults. There is so much joy in feeling young and believing in the spirit of giving. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful bag.

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