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December 07, 2011


Bethany C.

Fabulous camera bag! Love the sunshine-y yellow interior! Along with Santa, Santa Mouse (have you ever read the book?) brings a little gift for everyone...always tied with a bit of yellow yarn. Nothing much, just a sweet little treat. My mom started this tradition when we were little...and it has stuck.

Lisa W.

OMG I am in LOVE...this is SO cute:) Ok..gotta go check out her website right now...Oh and thanks for the chance!!!


The camera bag is fantastic! Such a generous give away. I have my fingers crossed that lady luck will be with me. haha...
One tradition we do every year is, on Christmas Eve, everyone is given an English popper and we all crack them open at the same time for good luck. We take turns reading the joke or fortune from inside and everyone wears the little crowns too. The kids love it!


We like to decorate while watching the movie "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. We drink hot tea or cider, and then turn off the house lights, turn on the twinkling lights, and sit back and relax. It's lovely. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. (We are decorating this weekend!)

Brandi Hennessy

Wow! Those bags are beautiful!! My favorite family tradition is my kids receiving the hallmark child and grandchild ornament every year, just like my brother and I did every year.

Cheryl Stoneham

My daughter and I (even though she is an adult now) put on our pajamas, drive thru starbucks for a drink, turn up Christmas carols on the radio, sing loudly and drive around to look at christmas lights. If anyone ever heard us or even saw what we looked like, they would have us committed, but we LOVE doing it!
I would LOVE to win Jeanne's gorgeous camera bag! Merry Christmas or should I say, Mele Helikimaha!


Sweet giveaway! Jeanne is one talented lady.
My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies and breads with my girls a few days before Christmas. It is a nice way to slow down and enjoy them during such a hectic season.

Deanna Foy

That bag is adorable! My favorite holiday tradition is baking with my mom. We pick a day in December and bake lots of cookies, make candy and just visit! We end up with lots of great stuff for giving and we make great memories baking together!

Patricia Pape

LOVE the bag. Perfect for an under the tree surprise.
My favorite activity at Christmas is making decorated sugar cookies with my grandsons - and eating them!

Vicki S

Love the bag. Our favourite holiday tradition is getting the family together to drive around the neighbourhood to look at all the Christmas lights, and then coming back for hot cocoa at my house.


So I just adopted 5 kids this year and as part of starting a new family we get to start new triditions... I have convinced all of my local family to participate in Holiday Mondays every Monday we get together and celebrate the meaning of Christmas, 1st Monday was gingerbread houses, 2nd family photos, 3rd ornimant making, 4th is cookie decorating and Christmas caroling. We will also go see the Christmas lights...


I'm so excited about this giveaway! Everything in her line is gorgeous! I found her thru you and now I'm enrolled in her upcoming workshop! Thanks, Christy!

Jennifer Boehme

A christmas tradition at our house is getting to open our Christmas pj's. I have carried on this tradition with my own kids as well. Hope your having an awesome time in Hawaii! How could you not....it's beautiful there!


My favourite Christmas tradition when my kids were young was for them to bring their stockings to our bed and empty them there.
Going on vacation in Chile in February so I NEED that uber cute and cool camera bag!


I would love this bag!!! Our Christmas tradition is decorating the tree. Sounds pretty basic, but we wrap our ornaments when we put them away the year before and my girls love unwrapping each ornament one at a time to see what's inside. We reminisce about who made it or when we got it. Love that time with them!

Linda Polaretzki

One of my favorite traditions is baking all of my grandmother's cookies. I just can't hide them too well, because one year I didn't find some of them until Valentine's day. Also love making hand made gifts of all kinds for friends and family. I sure could use a new camera bag - thanks Jeanne and Christy for the chance. Happy Holidays.

Barbara Tobey

Love her stuff...jewelry, bag, painting (bird reminds me of my African Grey), etc. I am sure you are enjoying the temperate climate in Hawaii. Cold reality when you return.

Lisa Howard

My favorite holiday tradition is a simple one. I'm divorced so my basically grown children split their time between me and their dad. We open our gifts on Christmas Eve and share Christmas morning breakfast. My favorite moments are just after opening the gifts. We always sit around playing card games (that I include in their stockings) until the wee morning hours. These times are priceless! Would love to own this most awesome bag! Thanks for the chance to win!!!


I neeeeed a camera bag. Still have the one that came with my camera :( not very comfortable.have fun in Hawaii, it will be good for your Fibro.

Kimberly Hanna

Our favorite holiday tradition is the Elf on the Shelf. As soon as we started this a few years ago our boys look forward to his arrival each Dec. 1.

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