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December 07, 2011


Michele Hamershock

Hi Christy,

I just got back from Mexico today so I thought I would post just incase I could still win this.

I just started watching the 23 ornaments. Love it!


cassie t

Gorgeous bag! Hope you have a great time in Hawaii. Thanks Christy!

Jennifer Priest

One of my fave holiday traditions is ornament shopping with all the kids (my kids and my nephews). They each get to choose one unique, fancy ornament on a little shopping we go on,usually topped off with a trip to a bakery for hot cocoa. I label all the ornaments with each child's name and the year. Once they are ready to start a family of their own and decorate their own tree, I will present all the ornaments from over the years so they will have all those stories to share with their family.

tracy lynn

Jeanne is such a talented artist. Hope your vacation is great and thanks to you and Jeanne for this giveaway.


Christmas Eve. worship service is a favorite. On Christmas morning we enjoy eating a Swedish tea ring served with lots of hot coffee, while the smells of Christmas dinner fill the air!

Lynn Fox

Terrific bag!!! We love turning off all regular lights, turning on all the twinkling lights on the tree and windows while Johnny Mathis sings Christmas songs softly in the background!

Karen Kuschel

Ohhhhh....I would so give this to my daughter :) She would love it!


What a beautiful collection! One of my favourite traditions is that you should eat 12 mince pies throughout December, but they must all come from different sources or people. They symbolise good luck for each of the coming 12 months.

Marika Lemay

I lové to cook Christmas cookies'!!!! cook à bunch, wrap with pretty thons and lové notes and give them to everyone I meet!


Sausage balls on Christmas morning for as long as I can remember, and I am 52. The camera bag is clearly awesome. I really NEED it. I keep misplacing my cameras. :(

Nicole Rickman

Thanks for the chance! One of my favorite new traditions is making a hot chocolate bar and letting all of my kids pick what they want to top their hot chocolate with. And then we have cookies to go along with it.


What a cute and stylish camera bag! How fun!

My husband and I take the kids driving through the different neighborhoods to look at all the Christmas lights and decorations. I'm not sure who likes it more, us or them!

Jennifer Step

Sweet bag. I love that its useful and cute. Way to go designing it!

Eydie Kugler

I love decorating the house and the windows. Oh so cozy.

Julie Strohman

I LOVE the peace and tradition of Christmas! I'd have to say one of my favorite traditions is the placement of the Baby Jesus in the cradle of our Nativity scene. Every year, since my girls were toddlers, I would hide the infant before they got into the box, as if there was no baby included. Then while they were sleeping I would place the Baby Jesus in his craddle next to Mary, Joseph and all the cattle. Christmas morning like a miracle, the infant Jesus was born! Oh, the lookon gheirfaces! They did not catch on until many, many years later (they are now 14, 17 and 20) and still every Christmas they remind me to "Hide the Baby Jesus" ! Those are the small Miracles of Cristmas!


I love traditions. They are so fun and the kids love them. On Thanksgiving night, the kids get to open new Christmas pajamas. They get SO excited and they wear them practically every night until Christmas. :) Thank you for a chance to win Jeanne's bag - LOVE it!

Torri Burtenshaw

the tradition I started with my kids besides the elves is we have a special manger set out with straw under it. for the month you get to do special things for everyone. for every kindness you do or show one piece of straw it put in the manger. at first it seems to go so slow, then all the sudden one day the manger is over flowing with straw. everyone wants to have lots of straw so the baby jesus has a soft bed. on christmas eve just before bed we read the story from Luke and place our little baby jesus in the manger in all of the straw. the kids would always be so excited that they got to help make his bed so soft.

Torri Burtenshaw

my favorite tradition was started when I was a girl. for the month of December there are little elves placed around the house. they are keeping watch over everyone to see who is being good. then on Christmas eve there would be the elves barrel. my mom had a huge one, I got one of the barrels from cal ranch that holds the candy up by the registers. everyone was always very good so they could have the party on Christmas eve. our cousins would come to our house, because they had elves at their house too. this night was almost more exciting than christmas. there were always special little gifts for everyone. and then we played games all night with all the cousins. loved, loved this special time.


Love this bag and Jeanne's beautiful style. Thanks for your generous gifting and the opportunity to win. Karon


That is a lovely bag & very kind of Jeanne to give one away. Thanks for the chance to win it.
My favourite Christmas tradition has to be Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve at my parents house, (we've done that since I was little as then we can spend Christmas day together without one of us being in the kitchen all day), it's a real family affair & my little girl loves it as she gets to dress up a bit & stay up a bit later. For me it makes Christmas.
Happy Christmas to you all.
C xx

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