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December 27, 2011



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Kat Baker

So, I'm wondering when I'm getting my bracelet! Ha ha A little tutorial would be nice. I love them. Happy New Year!

JoAnn K Delery

i sure appreciate your honesty. everytime i read a post from you i am amazed and happy to know that you have such a beautiful family and husband, you can create and inspire others through your art and heart, and only recently i learned that you also have a mutual 'friend' called FMS that tends to try and take us off track (and sometimes does, which means we do need to rest)but we don't give in or up. thank you for your 'all'. it inspires me in many wonderful ways.

Lisa Hampton

I too love the bracelets!! please show us how i would love to see a tutorial about them. those are the best days!! i love them don't get many with a active 6 year. happy new year looking forward to a all inspiring 2012!!!

Sherry goodloe

I just LOVE those kind of days. I'm going to have one today MYSELF (smiles). The laundry and cleaning tomorrow and back to creating on Monday. Happy New Year Christy!


Just love your beadingart!!! And then I must thank you for this year! I have learned to play with colors in a way I never thought I would dare!
I´m so looking forward to meet you in sweden in may 2012!
If you want to you can follow my link and see 2011 best She Art I ever created! I´m a little bit proud over it;) Hope you can find time to see it:)

And finally I wish you a Happy New Year!

Hugs from Ullis/LillBlomman!

laura huffman

wow, you guys must have been tired. you have a very busy life, full of family, work, and travel. taking time for yourself is so important. never worry about the house when i'm reading. call it my mini vacation. and i love getting a book for Christmas. love your bracelets and that you took time to play for you. happy new year, can't wait to see what is in store for 2012. take care

Dottee O.

It all goes back to..."Do what matters most"! Sometimes I just can't sort out my priorities in an effective way because I have too many things at the top of the list. Well, this Christmas season I was knocked down a few pegs due to 3 herniated disks. I figured out real quick what mattered most!!
Thanks for reminding us to take care of ourselves and to do what matters the most!
Happy New Year!

kris a

Glad you took a little, much-needed, time for yourself. It is so important for all of us to do, yet we rarely allow it to happen...

Please, PLEASE show us how to make your beautiful beaded bracelets!! How about a jewelry class or pdfs we can purchase? Would love you to stock some supplies in your beadart store! :)

Lisa Castillo

Love, love your bracelets!!!! Please show us how? Everybody needs a day of doing "nothing" but what they want to. Glad you took the time!


Christy, I love your bracelets and should have known you made them yourself.

Good for you getting your make-up day. You deserve the sleep and the play time.

Sharon Osborn

Ah thank you Christy for just keeping it real, and being just you! Blessings on your week...

Denise S.

Ah ha you do read our comments on the class notes. I do love the bracelets and a tutorial would be awesome. Sounds like you and your hubby just needed some much deserved rest.

Donna L

Sounds like you needed to "recharge" and you did just that. It is important to listen to our bodies and the message God is sending, so good for you! And I know your friends and family are going to treasure those bracelets, I love anything hand made because I do a lot of that myself and the time it takes, makes it mean more. Thanks for being so "normal" - lol.


A lazy day was probably just what you needed, without even knowing it. A good way to regain strength for the future, you know charging your batteries.

Take care of yourself!

Katie M

Your bracelets are gorgeous! Do you just wing a design or is there instructions you follow? I haven't made any sort of jewelry since I was in school.

Good for you for taking a day for just you. I feel like that is a needed thing every once in a while so recharging can happen. :)


A beaded wrap bracelet class in the future, maybe?!? :)

Julie Williams

Way to go Christy!! You were taking care of you and what you needed to do!! Evan though I am anxious to see your next creation, you are allowed to do something that makes you happy,it can really make a difference in your outlook. I had a very quiet holiday as my family was gone, just the hubby and I. It was different, and guess I need to get used to it. But it didn;t feel like Christmas. So, I created 3 canvases that day, and loved every minute of it!!! Thanks for sharing your daily life on your blog with us!!

Alicia @ La Famille

LOVE those bracelets!! sometimes we just need rest. and sometimes we just need to create something just for the pure joy of it...not because we have to. running my etsy shop is so much fun in so many ways, but it does feel good to create something just for me sometimes :)


those bracelets are very cool.. I make jewelry also.. There are some bracelets on pinterest made with ball chain and cording you would love. Its awesome that your kids just let you have a day such as this and not bug you to death with MOMMMMMMMMMMM.. ha ha..

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