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December 05, 2011



Awesome! Any way to get Muvazi on a 3 month renewal Plan? I wash my face 1x/day most days and I just do not use that much product in 1 or 2 months.... Thanks!!!!!

Traci Johnson

I just tried the auto ship option and it worked. You must sign in under My Account to get the auto renewal discounted pricing, then click Skin Care System under the Category tab on the left side of screen and the renewal options show up. NOTE: There is a different option for international customers. After you click the renewal autoship option, you select shipment for every 30 OR 60 days.

If you didn't order the first time around and don't have an account, click on My Account and create a new account. Christy said her sister will send an email when the account is activated and then you can sign into your account on and follow the steps above.

Hope this helps!

Tara C.

Got the email, but when I log in, it still just comes up with the regular price and no auto ship. :(


I am also a bit wary of these things, I don't usually stick to a skin care regime (bad I know!) but decided at 35 I should probablystart! So on your recommendation I ordered the first time around. Now I don't remember to use it everyday but skin is so much softer! I had all these little bumps on my jaw line and they have gone! My eyes have much fewer lines. I can't stop stroking my own face just to check!!! I think I may have found a skin care routine I will stick too! I have just ordered the auto ship and I would really like to thank your sister and hubby for extending the offer to us overseas people. Thanks again to you for the recommendation and the awesome deal, I wouldn't have been able to get more otherwise!!


Hi Christy,

Thank you for introducing me to the Muvazi line. I absolutely love it!
I even started my teenage daughter on it and she is as happy with it as I am.
Please keep sharing all your ideas and happiness with us- it brightens my day.

Liane Townsend

Enjoy your trip to Hawaii! I can tell how hard you have worked after taking your classes. Your vacation is well deserved. I am really enjoying the "Christmas workshop" (I sound like an elf) learning so much and enjoying all the teachers. What a wonderful group of women! I ordered the Muvazi for the first time today and have my fingers and toes crossed. I have strange skin now in my old age, thought I would give it a try, nothing to loose with the guarantee. :o) Looking forward to Wednesday!


Hi Christy, I am a subscriber but missed the offer. I would love to try this product and if it helps rosacea for my hubby, that would be great! Is the offer open for new customers? I've seen a few comments here asking same question so I wonder..... Thank you and enjoy your trip!


Hi Christy,
I'm so excited for this class. I'm home now and off to check out day one. Also, I was wondering if it was too late to get the discount on the skincare. I tried out the discount code from the main post and it didn't work. Will there be an opportunity for another discount so we can sign up for the auto-ship as well?

Thanks so much!

Julie Corrigan

Yeah! I was just getting ready to thanks for the Christmas bonus on Muvazi! So awesome! Have fun in Hawaii while i'm creating my ornaments :)

ana smith

Hawaii in December will be great. Went in January a few years back and the weather was good even when it rained! Enjoy yourself!

Patty Hetrick

I am absolutely loving Muvazi! I took a photograph of myself when I first started using it and I wanted to use it 60 days and retake the picture to see if there is a visual difference. I believe there is but I definitely can tell there is a great improvement in the feeling of my skin! I was just going on to reorder today and I saw your blog with the auto-ship option. Yay!!! I signed up for 60 days and will order any items if needed in between. I don't always have time to watch all the videos on the blogs I read but I'm so GLAD that I watched yours that day:)

Kim Boken

Wow!! You certainly scored!! Enjoy Hawaii!!

Lisa D

Hi - I would like to try the Muvazi but don't get the discounted price when I click on the link. Is there something special I should be doing?
Ps - I love the artsy ornament videos!! I can't wait for more!

Donna Carter

Christy - thanks so much for getting us this deal - I ordered Muvazi the first time and was wondering what I was going to do when it runs out! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I could tell a difference in the way my skin feels immediately! I will be signing up for the Auto-Ship plan!

I think we are here to be a blessing - and you blessed us with this awesome deal and now you received a blessing! Way to go, girl - have fun in Hawaii!

Tracey L.

Hawaii!! Wahoo...good for you! Have a fabulous time!
Thanks so much for talking about Muvazi! I have never loved my skin as much as I do now (and I'm 46!!!!) After only 3 weeks my skin is soft and fresh looking and those dry patches are gone! The eye cream is as incredible as you said; those fine lines are disappearing more and more every day and the smooth texture of the skin under my eyes is I'm 10 years younger! I can't thank you (and Tia and Deren) enough for making this wonderful product available to all of us :)

Kimberly Neddo

Oh what FABULOUS deals you got...YAY! Enjoy your time and relaxation with your hubby and friends! :) xx
Will have to check out the skin care...I've been struggling with adult acne...never tried pro active because I've heard how harsh it is on adult skin. Anyway...I've been using clinique and it's been ok, but really need something to help more. :)


Aaahhh Maui! That is going to be awesome. I love a good score on deals. Have a blast.
As with a couple other commenters, I didn't get in on the deal last time around. Bad decision!!! Will your sister open it up to new customers? I would love that!


Lisa Castillo

Wow! You are the complete package!!!! You continue to amaze me! Tunis for sharing this great stuff with us all! Have fun and enjoy you time!

Sher Mattison

P.s. Is there a special code for your bloggers to use when they order for the first time?

Sher Mattison

It makes me so happy to hear how wonderfully blessed you are because YOU are a blessing to so many!! *hugs*
and...I was so disappointed I was not able to try Muvazi when you first told us about it but now I can!!!

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