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January 17, 2012



I just bought the print text stamp and the reverse punchinella. Cannot wait to try them out! Thanks Christy for being your awesome creative self!

Jen Clark

LOVE your new stamps, Christy!!! Seriously! SOOOO excited for you!

Jen Krambeck

We want the stamps!!! We want the stamps!!!! (as I pound my fist on the table like a child wanting supper) lol can't wait to get my hands on those!!!!!! So hurry up already girl!!! j/ really hurry up:)

Kelly W.

Very cool -- My kit is sitting on my desk waiting for me to carve out time to play!! I cannot WAIT! Thanks for the tut - it's great!!

Annette A.

amazing new stamps...they are so fun....How exciting...

Larissa Heskett

THANKS for sharing the AWESOME video with us!! I had fun mking stamps at SPARK too!! =) I am looking forward to getting your stamps once they hit the market!!

Joni Kix-Moore

I love the new Christy stamps! I can't wait to see the mixed media products!
BTW, I don't think your doodle stamp PDF is linked in.

Have a safe trip!

claudine hellmuth

oh! thanks for using my paints in your tutorial!!


YOu are sooo talented. I love everything...I want one of each!

Linda Graves

The downloadable pdf is not working for me, there appears to be no link...anyone else have the same problem?

Mardi James

Love the Stamps! Can't wait for them to come in!

Also I made some stamps from the kit. It was so FUN!!! The kit came with some traceing paper, which I used to draw on, then I put the drawning side down on the pink pad thingy :-). Rub it on with a bone folder,(or you could use your nail like Christy does) and the image was on the block. I made a feather, a peacock feather, bird and I treaced the flower they had in the inclosed directions. I love the way they turned out.


Thanks Christie for some great inspiration, and I can't wait to get every one of your stamps!!


LOVE the stamps!! All of them are FAB ut I love the text the mostest. :D


GORGEOUS Love it all !!!

amy paul

Just put all the stamps on my wish list :) They are fabulous! I can't wait to create with them!!


This all is sooo awesome...I cant wait to get my paws on all of them!!

Anelsie Ramos

Love the new stamps! So excited to know they'll be available this weekend @ Memory Box! I want them all!!! Can't wait to meet you! I'm enrolled in the 1st session (Friday AM)!
Have a wonderful and pleasant trip!


Christy - awesome awesome AWESOME!! Your stamps are fantastic and I cannot wait to watch the video and PLAY this weekend! xoxo N


loved the video - stamp carving looks like so much fun...but I really, really, really, really, really, LOVE your new stamps - can't wait to see everything. I must have the distressed quilt one at the bare minimum!

Sheila LZ

I hope you have tons of the stamps available in the shop, Christy! We are all going to want them!!!! Can't wait! xoxoxo

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