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January 17, 2012


Kirsten K.

I am SO EXCITED to get ALL of your WONDERFUL stamps!! When will they be available??? Are they only available through the mixed media kit subscription? Cant wait to buy them!!!


I haven't received my kit yer? Who do I talk to?

Nicole Rickman

Loving your stamps will definettly be getting them, and thanks for the video.

Christy S. aka emeraldvalkyrie

Now i am so excited to get my kit! I can see myself becoming addicted to making my own stamps!

Carmen Lucero

Are your going to put one of your new stamps in the next kit? That would be awesome!!!

Thanks for the video, needed to see how to make the stamp; now can't download the PDF - I don't think the link is active.

Now to go play!

Carmen L


Cannot WAIT for the stamps. LOVE them!!!! Such a great video. Thanks for all you share.


hi christy, the link for the PDF doesn't work, please help????

When will your stamps be available in the store?????? I NEED them all :) First time in a l-o-n-g time that I have been excited for a CHA release.


Cool. Over Christmas I found some old art stuff at my mom's. Including some tools for wood carving and stamp making. There obviously was a reason for me to find these things. I want to create a canvas and kit for my nieces and I have to thank you for giving me the belief that I can do that.

Hope Amen

Love it all. I would like to join the que for the kit.

Amy Shepard

I am so excited about your stamps!!! Can't wait to start my collection! :D

Sonia  **Sony**

OMG~! Awesome!.. love all you sharing here. Thanks!

carol m

Love the new stamps. Can't wait til the are released. Have fun in PR.


OMG - beautiful Christy!! Just when I was running out of inspiration for my work I get your post. Thank you!!!!


Love these!!!!!!


I love the background stamps. I like your style.

Kathy Layton

I LOVE you new stamps!!!! Can't wait to get them and put them to good use!!!!! I am such a fan of your mixed media kit! It is like getting a gift each month, then you get to play and learn something new!


love.love.love the stamps! how very exciting.
will come back to watch video. played with my kit already a bit. and totally wanted to do a doily stamp as well. yours looks perfect. do you share any secrets?

Jill Jensen

Wow, the stamps are amazing!!! Can't wait to buy them!


I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the stamps <3 and I love your laugh. Reminds me of my hostmom from when I lived in the US.

susan schultheis

OH Christy! Love the stamps, especially the she-art related. Those girls have been my inspiration since taking your class as far as my art creations go. I learned so so much from you. So, will you be able to sell your stamps on line here or will Unity be the only place to get them. When will they be out. Have to have them real soon.
Keep us posted. (havent watched the tut yet but sure that is inspirational as well.) thanks again, sue

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